Sunday, August 16, 2009

Un-Random Prompts

My deep well of interesting thoughts has finally run dry. So, I turned to the Internet.

Thanks, random prompt generator.

Except that presumably the idea of this is to take the first one the randomizer spits at you and run with it, but I took the easy way out and passed up a few before I got a few I'd like to elaborate on.

Are you afraid of death?
Answer: To be honest, I almost skipped this one. Is that a sign of denial? I mean, it's inevitable, but I prefer not to think about it now. This is either because I'm a champion procrastinator, or further denial. No one WANTS to think about death until it's (practically) staring them in the face. It crosses every one's mind once in a while, but if it consumes too much thought anyone is likely to go insane. (Wait, am I being too general? Well, goo for you if you can HONESTLY say that you could go one entire day relating every thought you have to death. Express train to Crazytown, I assure you.)

So, in short, do I FEAR death? A little. Not enough to work it into my daily thoughts and actions. Do I WANT to die? No.

Okay, trying to find a happier "random" prompt.

These next few have nothing to do with me... What was your first car? What do you think of your children? To both: I'm sure I'll love them when I meet them. Write a rhyming poem about your car?!??!?


I think I killed it.

The screen now reads, "Imagination Prompt Generator needs a nap.".

Ok, no matter WHAT it is, I vow to write about the absolute next prompt.

"If I could change my..."

Change my what? Oh, I get it. This is where the "imagination" comes in. There's really several ways that sentence could end, so I'll list a few:, I wouldn't. Really. They're all nuts, but so am I. I've grown quite attached to them.

... dentist appointment; YES PLEASE. I hate the dentist, and I also don't see the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist. Why can't I just have ONE of you poking around in my mouth? (and coincidentally looking up my nose? Nose pervs.) It just so happens I have a dentist appointment Saturday. AND an orthodontist appointment the following Tuesday, which just so *HAPPENS* to be the second day of school. The enormous, Kelley green clad, Englishmen-mascotted public high school I will be attending. (That's right: GOOOOO DUKES! Oh, the noble duke of York... *facepalm* The only worse mascot I can think of at the moment is out *fierce* rival, the Hilltoppers. Not the king of the hill, naw. They just get to stand on it.) Salt meets wounds.

So, maybe that's why I'm being bitter. Or maybe it's because my dentist is a sadistic psychopath. *side: When I spellchecked this, one of the suggestions for my typo was "peacekeeper". I find that hilariously ironic.*

...clothes, I just did. Very comfortable. Mostly because they're pajamas, but they don't LOOK like pajamas, and that's what's awesome about them. If I really had to, I could go out in these clothes and no one would be the wiser. I love pajamas.

...attitude towards life, I'd try. Am currently trying. Not as easy as it looks, but worth a try.

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