Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Decade-based thoughts

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! Life got in the way. (Yup, I have one, as nonexistent as it seems...)

Homecoming Week is pretty much useless, but Pajama Day (Monday, thank god, the day we all want to.) was bliss. I am NOT a Monday morning person, nor will I ever pretend to be. PJ pants FTW. Yesterday was just class colors day, we were pink. Fine. Except that I don't OWN much pink clothing. *dodges rocks*

If it was THIS, I wouldn't mind.

Anyway. The only other good thing about all this Spirit crap is that the entire week classes are notoriously NOT HARD. That's what I was told. But nooooo. Papers due Friday, major projects I really shouldn't be procrastinating on... due soon-ish. It's not more than would be in a normal week, but I was off guard to all this. Who doesn't like doing nothing? The "having to do stuff" part of doing nothing is what sucks.

Tomorrow is decades day-- I'm dressing like a punk, (aka raiding my mom's closet; she never throws *non totally disgusting* clothes away because "They'll be back in style someday", which is the worst excuse of all time according to Stacy & Clinton.) But that should be fun. I wonder what my life would be like if I was this age in the 70s or something... Seems like an interesting time period. But what isn't? There was always stuff happening, even if it's not "interesting". I'd still be addicted to television, that much I know. No Internet, but it's not like I'd know there COULD be an Internet at that point so I'd be fine.

Oh well. At least we get out early on Friday. :)



Sunday, September 27, 2009

After a LONG while...

I'm just catching up on all your comments, blog followers. You people rock.
(And commenting on all the other blogs I wasn't able to see/comment on, because Blogger "conveniently" decided to stop remembering me, (I always do that, even though I really should sign out for fear of teh HACKERS. :O Even almost no one else uses this computer...) and I couldn't re-login because my password contains an s, which I couldn't use, AND I couldn't make the @ sign to type my gmail name. Suckish.)


Thought you should know. This length of non-blogging is likely to cause concern amongst my *huge* fan base.

(And I'm going to update my bloglist again soon. I always check out my followers blogs, and they're pretty awesome. Also thinking about a background change... going to be a major makeover soon, actually. All I've really added to the sides is the quote widget, which I may move up, I don't know yet. And my profile could use some work, I like the random questions Blogger comes up with... ramble, ramble, ramble...)


**This isn't funny so much as it is AWESOME**

Friday, September 25, 2009

I got my vvizh.

**In an effort to make this more readable, the double u vvil be represented by double v. Or one if I get lazy. German accent FTVV. And letter 21 of the alphabet vvil be the gangsta version, the z. It'll be hard to remember to convert all those letters to the alternative, but for you all I'll sacrifice.** (Spellcheck corrects it most of the time, actually. I just have to type it like this the first time to get it to recognize it...)

Today haz been really icky. Ortho early in the morning = MASSIVE HEADACHE rest of the day. Avvful. The best I can describe it iz that feeling you get when you chevv gum for VAY TOO LONG and your javv starts to hurt, then your head and it kinda gets all throbby? Yeah, that. Only you can NEVER 5TOP CHEVVING THE GUM. Imagine the pain. I couldn't go home, 'cuz the nurse iz an azzhole, and I had 3 tests today, vich iz unfair 'cuz I couldn't concentrate on anything... (but I digress, this post haz a happy ending...) 5o I spent the last 2 hours zleeping, (INCLUDING on the bus 'o doom which zayz a LOT, because I HATE IT, and I can almost never sleep on anything that move.) and when I woke up it vaz POURING!!!! The GOOD kind of rain. Instantly made me happier.

(I'm not doing Dear Zo & Zo, although I can think of a fevv novv:

Dear rain and chocolate and sleep:
Luv ya lots,

Dr. Orthodontodude--

You suck.)

This iz a zhort post, mostly cuz I hate typing like this, I'm not a gangsta and I knovv it. Fo zhizzle.


Be sure to put that in the vil before you touch the wires of INSTANT DEATH... moohaha.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

No Edits!

So, I didn't wind up editing the 6:00 am blog from yesterday. Ah well.

Y'know what annoys me? People who mispronounce "especially" as "EXpeshully". Urgh!!! That level of butchering done to the English language should not see the outside of a computer. Period.

Thing 2: I love Thursday. Don't know why, but it seems like the week is over without being OVER. Usually it FEELS like Friday, so then Friday comes and that's just this extra day that separates Thursday (psuedo-Friday) from the actual awesome that is Saturday. This Saturday won't be as awesome, though. Closet cleaning FTL. I know I have to, I'd really kind of LIKE a cleaner closet, *I* just don't wanna. I'm a lazy neatfreak. I like when things are clean and in order, but yet I put no effort into keeping them that way. Contradictory, but true. My life in approximately 3 words.

When is it finally going to start being fall-ish? GAH. It's been cloudy over here for the past week. Either RAIN, or GO AWAY. Stupid clouds. I hate this inbetween thing. It's GRAY and that's it. Rain is anticipated, but it never comes. I love rain, when it's dark and cold and it pours. That is a day for reading and hot chocolate. Humid gray pre-drizzling is awful.

Oh darn. No the key in't orking. Dammit. Neither i the "dubya" (I HATE that pronounciation, but jut o you get the idea...) Tupid ticking key(pluralization)!!! AARGH!!!!

At least (WHAT? NOW they work? Not gonna fix all that. I guess it proves all you have to do is yell at them sometimes. ork on everything.

damn you bipolar keys (another s! WTH?) DECIDE! Work or not? What will you do in this next sentence?

**Before it cre itelf again... DAMMIT!**


Jut in time for creeper eaon!
(I love the candy, though. It' an ecue to act like a kid and get candy. HOLIDAY(plural) PN.)

**Comical mipelling and rant left in on purpoe. Orry if you can't read it! :)**

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Early Bird Gets WHAT?

It's 6:46 am, Central Standard time. I have to leave to get my ass to a bus stop in 4 minutes. There are already 5 new blogs up, one from Cate --> *points, no time for linkage* posted 2 minutes ago, so my reading list says. I may just post this now and edit it in the afternoon.

Ah well. Incompletely posted blog ending now-- 6:48.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

RTT the First (A list)

**Since it's what all the cool people are doing**
**And I need a Tuesday meme to provoke thoughts**
**But what day ISN'T a RT day?**
**Oh well.**

It's Random Thought Tuesday!
*Err... Random Tuesday Thoughts...*

This is going to be my everyday Random Thoughts, only less elaborated upon, in a more run-on bullet points format. Some of these won't even make sense to those not in my brain. Or even to me. It's doubtful that I'll spellcheck this. It's one of *those* days.

-- I kind of hate fall. Autumn is better.
-- Jenny McCarthy never ceases to annoy the crap out of me.
-- I wish it was Thursday.
-- The only good thing about Homecoming week is pajama day.
-- ET still scares me shitless.
-- Lemon poppyseed muffins are awesome.
-- I like knowing things other people don't.
-- I'm a wannabe optimist.
-- Quizzical is a funny word.
-- Garbage cans can be sources of vital information. And puns.
-- My morbid sense of humor is deeply repressed.
-- Quotes can say things better than people can.
-- Chuck E. Cheese is the breeding ground for the Assholes of Tomorrow. I used to think that place was awesome, and now I feel bad for people dragged there.
-- The German word for nipples is "Brustwarzsen" (breasts + warts. Teehee.)

-- I fully acknowledge that this is chock-full-'o-suck, but I'm in what is technically termed, "a rut." It sucks.

Well, that explains it. I'm in a rut and quite presumably alone. DO NOT WANT!!!!


Cyanide and Happiness is possibly my new favorite source of >:D

**Oh, and if the pictures are too big and cut off, it's not my fault, not gonna fix it.**

Monday, September 21, 2009

The blogosphere is a Monday person.

Seriously. Everyone I read posts on Monday. You're trying to make it difficult for me, aren't you? I DESPISE leaving a blog unread on my reading list, I get completely OCD over it. This has something to do with my FIRST!!!1!!1 obsession, I'm sure. I don't like it when a blog has been sitting there without me reading it.

Today, of course, there are TWELVE new blogs. Thanks a lot, cyberspace. **Not that I have anything against reading the blogs themselves, I love you all, really, it's just my OCD and the feeling that I really *should* post on a Monday even though all my posts on Monday will probably be as follows: "Oh, crap. It's Monday. I hate Monday. Anyone who doesn't is not human. Please go submit yourself for a mental test and leave me alone. That is all, have a gReAt DaY!!! >;)"**

So in the future, either expect that or no Monday post. I've warned you before that this isn't an everyday blog. Or an informative/good/interesting/*insert what it is not here. This could be any number of things, including a blog about fencing, or how to kill a zombie using xylophone mallets. If you'd like one of those, I'd suggest you go here.*


Good to know.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Yarrrgh. I love useless holidays. It's something to celebrate. This is going to be a really short post. Non-ramblish. Yay.

My six:

Better mood, thanks to lots of chocolate!!!

(I was 64th this week!)



Friday, September 18, 2009

Dear So and So: *holyfuckingspazzamatasticAHHH!*

Dear So and So...

This blog contains: Swearing, ranting, whining, bitching, moaning and the like. I would like to say I've earned the right to these things, seeing as how I've been such a calm, positive person lately, but frankly I just need to do this or I may become irreversibly holyfuckingspazzamatastically insane. You wouldn't want that, now would you? *psychotic glare*

Does the title not say it all?

Alright then:

Dear-- School idiots (Yeah, ALL OF YOU. I think by now this goes without saying. Every Friday, after a week of this shit, I'll rant about my school. Yes, I realize this makes me no better than any wannabe-emo punk asshole who has nothing better to do than complain, specifically about how no one "understands them". But think of it this way, substitute work for as much as I moan about school, and there you have any "normal adult" blog. I realize this isn't "the real world" quite yet, but school is very much a job, just a job that doesn't pay, with questionably good, life skills teaching results. It's just crap that needs to be done. Becoming "smart" is now our only incentive.)

Where was I? Oh, yeah:

the world, Monday, trains, basketballs, gherkin pickles. And anything or anyone else I can't think of. You know who you are.

That one sums it up nicely.


Dear World,

Okay, okay, sorry. Hopefully I'll be "better" again soon. (Or at least stop using so many "quotes". Yes, I even annoy myself sometimes.)

-- Rena

FIPOGI! (I'm in a twisted sort of mood that constitutes maniacal laughter at inappropriate things. Or nothing. *twitch* *laughterspasm*)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I concern people!

And booooy is it FUN.

Once again in "guidance", we had to take the dreaded Freshmen Questionnaire. A variation of which we've taken about 4 times. I'd given them all the answers they want to hear, now let's have some fun:

1. What are your hobbies and/or interests?
Blogging, reading, spending all waking hours on the Internet, filling my brain with television.

2. Who are your 3 best friends?
People you don't know...

3. If you could have the "World's Best Job" *their quotes, not mine*, what would it be?
Supreme ruler of the Universe/Renowned Pastry Chef/Exterminator/Mermaid

4. Describe your current family situation.
Functional dysfunction

5. What is your one biggest worry?
Giant hamsters eating my face!

6. What's the biggest difference between middle school and high school?
The staircases.

7. What sports teams/clubs are you going to/have you joined?
Sports! HAH. You make me laugh.

8. What are you best at?
Scaring counselors. Look behind you.

9. Describe yourself in 3 words.
Sarcastic, nerdfightastic, spastic

10. I'm glad I finally decided to...
Stop being serious about questionnaire questions.

11. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
See #3

12. What is the biggest challenge facing teenagers today?
Polar bears

13. I am happiest when I am...
Confusing the likes of everyone.

14. What is one goal you hope to accomplish this year?
Inventing a jelly that tastes like peanut butter. Or vice-versa. I'm not picky.

Oh, there were other more school oriented boring questions. (Who's your favorite teacher, blahdiddle...) that I couldn't really mess up, but in general I think I'll be hearing from the social workers soon. They'll psychoanalyze the crap out of those cryptic faked answers. What does the polar bear symbolize? Your desperate cries for attention? Oh, no! Whatever shall we do with this misguided child?

This is what ya get when I'm bored. Now to sit back and watch the results. (This could also really serve as a test to see if whoever reads these is paying the slightest bit of attention. I'm doing them a service! :) )


(The question is, who would it burn more? You or the crayfish?)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To my...readers.


It feels so weird to type that.

People actually READ this now. I some sort of record that 4 people find this blog worth reading. Hmmmm. I think you should know I'm definitely not one of those "post every day for ____ *a year, a month, however long it takes them to do something.* In a way, I think that would be easier. Having a certain thing to do EVERY SINGLE day, and then blogging about the experience. It would be harder to DO that thing everyday, though. Like cook or go eco bit by bit, or follow the literal translation of the bible. (All things people have done, by the way. These are dedicated, if questionably sane, people. I am not in this group, mostly because of the "dedicated enough to do *a variation of* the same thing for X days/weeks/months..." part.

More often, I post when I have some sort of meme-theme (unintentional rhymes are pretty awesome, and I felt the need to point that out.) on which to base my post. (i.e. Dear So & So, 6WS) It helps me not be so... like this. Just disconnected trains of thought, although occasionally I may provoke some thought. (I hope.)

Not *too* often, though. I started this blog for my own entertainment and personal expression. I'm not going to change this format or censor myself now that I know I'm being read. (I'll try. It's not like these were deep innermost secrets anyway, but the "public eye" makes people do things...)

If you're not pissed off by that, and still would like to read my blabberings on, thank you, and I hope you like what you've found.


Noooooo! Google: IT KNOWS ALL!

(this is one of those things that *may* piss people off. Oops?)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Morning (Nonexistent) Competition Causes Dullness

It's 6WS!!!

Today I thought I would do the complete opposite of LAST week, and try to post first thing in the morning. I wanted to be first on the Mr. Linky list. I'm competitive that way. I have no chance in sports, but when it comes to the prize of being FIRST on the Internet, even though it's obnoxious to say it, I still am "FIRST FIRST FIRST!!!111"... So I have just barely woken up, and already I'm blogging. (Not without reading Cate's blog at least, whereupon I checked said Mr. Linky and found that I will be THIRTY-SEVENTH, if I hurry up and link now.

Without further ado, my six:

Indecision: What to eat for breakfast?


Lolcat nerd jokes. Yay!

Think I'm going to go eat now. KTHNXBAI!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dear So and So: Ball of Awkward... and Comic Debate

Dear America,

Well... this is quite awkward, isn't it?

To be honest I had almost forgotten the date. (no offense, I'm forgetting everything recently. The day, the date, where stairs are, how to spell my last name. Brain fart.) I remember it doing this weird team-building thing in gym-- involving a beach ball and a hula hoop, don't ask-- and I wondered why they hadn't at least done some kind of "moment of silence" thing over the announcements. At first I was pissed at THEM for forgetting or thinking we wouldn't care, I don't know which, but I realized I'm no better. Maybe it's just a case of, "that was then, this is now" but 9/11 really did change US. The country, people's opinions, the way things ARE. Do we accept it? Do we try to move on and pretend nothing happened? It seems cliche to say it changed us for the better, because maybe it did, but mostly not. Things will never be the same, so I guess all we can do is move on, but still remember. Normally I don't even like referring to the country/the population as "we", but I'm partofit too. It's going to be weird when my kids ask me "Where were you on 9/11?", because honestly I don't have a "good" story. A memorable or interesting or even emotional story.

Looking back I swear it was a weekend, because I woke up late and found my dad watching the news. (Something he rarely does, but hey, it's tv, why not?) There was BREAKING NEWS and footage of a burning building. I asked him what was going on and he told me "Some bast... just go get your mom..."

I think eventually it was explained to me, but even then I didn't care that much. I don't remember going to school-- not because I was in shock, but because either school was cancelled or my memory is bad. I didn't care. I didn't get it. I was six, though. I'm not remorseful for not being sad or in the least bit concerned, but know I understand a lot more about what 9/11 meant. Now it just makes everything... awkward.

-- Renata.

Dear So and So...

Dear Gene Wilder/Johnny Depp,

Thanks. Your respective versions of Willy Wonka provided probably the most interesting discussion in "World Studies" all year. I, of course, was on the pro-orange Oompa-Loompa side, as were about 3 other people. The 2005 version is weird and the songs make me want to rip my eyes out, but for a rousing debate there HAS to be opposing sides, I suppose. Apparently these movies are more important than the Neolithic Era. Yep, they are.

-- Amused Fan

Dear World Studies Substitute Whatsyerface:

Thanks for not caring about us yelling about Oompa-Loompas the entire period. Or singing. Or people (particularly me) shouting, "YOU LOSE!!!! GOOD DAY SIR!!!" **side: Case in point. Best quote of the whole movie.** over and over and over. Either you're too lazy to care, or you're awesome. Either way, you sir are indeed awesome.

-- Thankful, nonworking student


(As my mom would undoubtedly quip upon seeing this sign, "Is that a threat or a promise?!")

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I beat the pedo... meter...

Can I just say right now I hate PE. I hate it hate it HATE IT.

Do I make myself clear???? RAWRGH!

I'm an nonathletic, unmotivated, happily and admittedly lazy person. Why can't you just LEAVE ME ALONE? I'm not overweight in the least, and I maintain this weight by blissfully doing nothing. I don't need your so-called "physical education". I educate myself by telling myself that as long as my metabolism is this way I'm not going to worry about it, and when it reverses I'm either going to:

a.) Get lipo
b.) Stop caring
c.) Whine and complain and do nothing, then eventually get lipo.

I do realize none of these is the "right" answer, but oh well.

Anyway, I truly think the pedometer is the most evil man made device on Earth. A RECORD of my not doing anything for 50 minutes? How could you?

But, I have used my superior smartz to "bounce" ever so slightly... over and over and over, while I was supposed to be playing basketball. We needed a minimum of 2500 steps to pass for the day. (yeah, our PE system is on a sort of daily pass/fail basis, instead of using the presidential fitness test scores or whatever...) I got 2589. I really thought I had beaten the technology or something, but I DID really wind up taking all those steps, bouncing or not.

Congratulations, pedometer. You have officially pwned me.

I hate having PE at 7:45 in the morning.


Yes. All will be solved if you just wear pants...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Every DAY?

How can you people DO it?

I know there are people out there who have enough dedication to blog every single day, but I'm not one of them. I'd like to pretend it's because I'm busy doing productive things and out having a life, but this is not the case. I'm just a lazy procrastinator...

A thought: Is there ever a correct usage of "thru"? It just looks so misspelled. Like something McDonald's thought up because "through" was too long to fit on the signs. But I've been seeing it more-- on the Internet especially, but used by otherwise non-chatspeaky people. And if "thru" IS in fact a word, can it be used interchangeably with "through", or are there two separate ways they should be used?

Well, spellcheck says "thru" is wrong. It doesn't even recognize it as a possible spelling of "through". Its suggestions: Thur, thrum, Thu, thou. Weird.

I've run out of things to say, but I want to say more. BUT, I don't want it to seem like I'm just rambling or searching for things to say. Oh this is like rambling, but ARG, now I'm rambling about rambling. The more I type the word rambling the weirder it looks. Rambley, rambley ramble ramble rambling. Hah. Ram-bling.

Well, apparently I'm not the only one who's thought of it.

Oh, that can count as a FPATEOTP, can't it? Well no, since I've typed a considerable amount after the picture instead of a sentence or two. The acronym FPATEOTP isn't very catchy, either. I'll have to fix that... how about:



It's shorter, at least. And it's a combination of vowels and consonants that, while it isn't REALLY a word, it LOOKS like it could be a word. And, it's not already an acronym. Like the WWF.



A comical combination of the two...

Well, that's enough FIPOGIs for one blog.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

So Tired, Must Blog. Need Comments.

It's (late on a) 6WS!


I am so tired right now, but we've discussed my love of comments, and I seem to only get comments when I Mr. Linky something and/or use a button, It gets people's attention.

*yawny yawny yawn yawn*

Here's my six:

Been there, done that. No easier.

Yay for the button!:

I can haz comments now? Pwease?

Alright, I'll give you this FPATEOTP in return:

I am 3 of those 1 people.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Dear So and So: Repetitive for a reason.

Really, all of my "Dear So and So's" could be so much like this one it is not even funny. It's Friday, dangit. That's just how I feel.

Dear So and So...

But, in an attempt to actually have something of substance to say, I'll think of another...

Dear KGHS (Kelley Green High *or hellish* School)

Oh yes, this was your nickname up until now. But I am announcing to you that you will henceforth be known as the MJWTFHS. The Michael Jackson School of What The F. Sure, you already play MJ songs during passing periods, and as the "announcement" intro. Are you simply doing this to capitalize on the resurgence of MJ's popularity? Even the seniors weren't born until 1991, wherein he was *almost* a certified creeper/weirdo/whatever, but stiiilll notquite. Not legally. Do you think just because he is now dead those of us between the ages of 14-18 now worship him the way your administrators may have when they were "our age"? Hmmm. No.

Nonetheless, I feel the need to be supportive of your name change. It is well deserved at this point, seeing as a HUGE open hallway leading to most of the main staircases was blocked --by a group of seniors campaigning to be "Kings of the Couch", by raising school spirit and whatnot-- trying to do such spirit-raising by beating conga-ish shaped drums and waving a boombox blasting "The Way You Make Me Feel", this being only one of the several applications of the music of Michael Jackson I have noted within the last two weeks. Some suggestions to *truly* dedicate the school to the mission of its namesake...

**NEW** School Colors: Ummm... are sparkles a color??? Yeah. (much better than the KG, I must say...)

Mission Statement: We are committed to breeding individuals capable of producing the genuinely "WTF" moments only previously achieved by THE Michael Jackson.

New Classes Available: Moonwalking-- for Fun and Fitness
Become a Superstar, Wreck Your Career, and Become Famous Again
The Art of WTF
Plastic Surgery: When to Say NO. **not required for those who can pass the exam in advance. Hint: The answer to #1 is "NEVER."**

Mascot: Chimp (again, much improved from Duke, if I must say so myself...)

Concerned Freshman

Dear Mustachioed/Bearded Men of the World

No offense, there's been a lot of particularly famous ones among you, (Groucho Marx, Einstein, and Billy Mays come to mind quickly...) but y'all creep me out a little. (I only revert to talking Southern when I am sincerely creeped.) Facial hair is just EW. Not only would I imagine it FEELS like a tarantula eating your face, it makes you look... Ick. If perchance I happen to marry one of you, you're shaving it IMMEDIATELY. (I know that's superficial, but if YOU love ME, you'll accept that I'm not going to accept your half-eaten face and sacrifice it in the name of love.)

Lovingly yet still creeped out,


Can you spot all the things wrong with this picture? I can. *shudder*

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mini TV

I love commercials more than I love television.
I was sadder when Billy Mays died than when Michael Jackson did.
I love when commercials have little people in them.

(it's a weird version of Fannee Doolee, but it's true.)

Are any of these statements starting to creep you out a little? Really, I just noticed them myself and I feel like a bit of an awful person. Just watch this and try not to laugh, and THEN decide if I'm terrible:

I mean, I know how this commercial can be seen as "Politically Incorrect", but it's still hilarious. I mean, if the actors aren't offended, why should it be taken off the air? Probably an average of one embittered "little person's" complaint.

Speaking of the Politically Correct way we deal with 2000's remakes... (I wasn't, but that's my train of thought for you.)

My mom and I were discussing the article in the Sun-Times about "new" fall tv shows that are remakes, and one listed was The Electric Company. Her immediate response:

"Why would they even DO that?! It was so good! They should just show it in reruns."

It's true. In my summer state of advanced television viewing, I turned it on once. (there's nothing else on at 11 am, and we've already discussed my love of the Muppets.) From what I can understand, it's completely abandoned the original concept, and remixed the theme song.

One hilarious blurb from the article:

"None of the same segments are repeated, and no alumni have appeared. The original boasted such talents as Rita Moreno, Bill Cosby, Zero Mostel, Joan Rivers, Gene Wilder and Irene Cara."
*I added the bold, cuz that's a little long for a blurb*

And um, why WOULD they?
(adn, in addition to Zero Mostel being, uh, DEAD, I seriously doubt they would allow the image of a turban-wearing evil little person on TV nowadays... It's funny that I'm the one that thought of that and not my mom. ("I was 8. People didn't think like that then.") I mean, I was being sarcastic, like, " That's promoting terrorism! Save the children's little minds!" But I'm sure someone would make a lawsuit of it.

Seriously. Just rerun the old ones, PBS. None of this superheros/aliens/superpowers/organic diner crap. Maybe THAT'S what's keeping the 6 year olds from learning, hmmm?


I hope this time the picture doesn't get cut off on the sides. It's on "small" and "center", but sometimes even that doesn't work. *O crap and a half. Just click on it to get the full effect...*