Friday, September 11, 2009

Dear So and So: Ball of Awkward... and Comic Debate

Dear America,

Well... this is quite awkward, isn't it?

To be honest I had almost forgotten the date. (no offense, I'm forgetting everything recently. The day, the date, where stairs are, how to spell my last name. Brain fart.) I remember it doing this weird team-building thing in gym-- involving a beach ball and a hula hoop, don't ask-- and I wondered why they hadn't at least done some kind of "moment of silence" thing over the announcements. At first I was pissed at THEM for forgetting or thinking we wouldn't care, I don't know which, but I realized I'm no better. Maybe it's just a case of, "that was then, this is now" but 9/11 really did change US. The country, people's opinions, the way things ARE. Do we accept it? Do we try to move on and pretend nothing happened? It seems cliche to say it changed us for the better, because maybe it did, but mostly not. Things will never be the same, so I guess all we can do is move on, but still remember. Normally I don't even like referring to the country/the population as "we", but I'm partofit too. It's going to be weird when my kids ask me "Where were you on 9/11?", because honestly I don't have a "good" story. A memorable or interesting or even emotional story.

Looking back I swear it was a weekend, because I woke up late and found my dad watching the news. (Something he rarely does, but hey, it's tv, why not?) There was BREAKING NEWS and footage of a burning building. I asked him what was going on and he told me "Some bast... just go get your mom..."

I think eventually it was explained to me, but even then I didn't care that much. I don't remember going to school-- not because I was in shock, but because either school was cancelled or my memory is bad. I didn't care. I didn't get it. I was six, though. I'm not remorseful for not being sad or in the least bit concerned, but know I understand a lot more about what 9/11 meant. Now it just makes everything... awkward.

-- Renata.

Dear So and So...

Dear Gene Wilder/Johnny Depp,

Thanks. Your respective versions of Willy Wonka provided probably the most interesting discussion in "World Studies" all year. I, of course, was on the pro-orange Oompa-Loompa side, as were about 3 other people. The 2005 version is weird and the songs make me want to rip my eyes out, but for a rousing debate there HAS to be opposing sides, I suppose. Apparently these movies are more important than the Neolithic Era. Yep, they are.

-- Amused Fan

Dear World Studies Substitute Whatsyerface:

Thanks for not caring about us yelling about Oompa-Loompas the entire period. Or singing. Or people (particularly me) shouting, "YOU LOSE!!!! GOOD DAY SIR!!!" **side: Case in point. Best quote of the whole movie.** over and over and over. Either you're too lazy to care, or you're awesome. Either way, you sir are indeed awesome.

-- Thankful, nonworking student


(As my mom would undoubtedly quip upon seeing this sign, "Is that a threat or a promise?!")


  1. I prefer orange oompa loompas too! My friends went to Birmingham to the factory (Cadbury) where the original Charlie and The Chocolate Factory was filmed, and they were sadly disappointed at the lack of oompa loompas.

  2. I am pro orange too. I didn't like the new one at all. And now I am nervous about watching Alice in wonderland for the same reason, Johnny Depp as much as I love him, I think he is either Awesome or creepy beyond belief.

  3. That's a great sign!! I saw one that said, 'Children left unattended will be given cappuccino and a free kitten.' That was good too.

    Loved your post, I'll be back.