Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Decade-based thoughts

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! Life got in the way. (Yup, I have one, as nonexistent as it seems...)

Homecoming Week is pretty much useless, but Pajama Day (Monday, thank god, the day we all want to.) was bliss. I am NOT a Monday morning person, nor will I ever pretend to be. PJ pants FTW. Yesterday was just class colors day, we were pink. Fine. Except that I don't OWN much pink clothing. *dodges rocks*

If it was THIS, I wouldn't mind.

Anyway. The only other good thing about all this Spirit crap is that the entire week classes are notoriously NOT HARD. That's what I was told. But nooooo. Papers due Friday, major projects I really shouldn't be procrastinating on... due soon-ish. It's not more than would be in a normal week, but I was off guard to all this. Who doesn't like doing nothing? The "having to do stuff" part of doing nothing is what sucks.

Tomorrow is decades day-- I'm dressing like a punk, (aka raiding my mom's closet; she never throws *non totally disgusting* clothes away because "They'll be back in style someday", which is the worst excuse of all time according to Stacy & Clinton.) But that should be fun. I wonder what my life would be like if I was this age in the 70s or something... Seems like an interesting time period. But what isn't? There was always stuff happening, even if it's not "interesting". I'd still be addicted to television, that much I know. No Internet, but it's not like I'd know there COULD be an Internet at that point so I'd be fine.

Oh well. At least we get out early on Friday. :)




  1. Your class color is pink? NO FAIR. Last year (freshman year, you know) our color was orange. The idea is to stick the frosh with all the crap themes, I suppose. Still... I'm not a huge fan of orange. I lurf pink though (that shirt is, indeed, jokes).
    Whoo, pajama day = the day of the GODS.

  2. Heck yeah. I think the idea was to humiliate the guys, though. Most people didn't seem to mind the pink. Some dude in my science class wore a skirt. *shudder*