Saturday, October 31, 2009

To be continued; is being continued (updated-ish)

My Spooky Six Words:

Festivities haven't begun, trickier than treating.
(A change is possible, stay tuned...)

I've been up since 5. MY Halloween is nearly over. Now begins the phase wherein I subject to other peoples' ideas of that today is. (Somewhat willingly, believe it or not.)

That's why I like Halloween though. There's some religious connotation and history, which is interesting, but it's also a chance to run around like a little kid at night and get either candy or the living shit scared out of you. Some people ignore it, but with less of the whole "I don't celebrate ____ and therefore it is evil!" mentality.

*to be updated either late at night or Sunday, a Sunday post will signify a better night than the former...* WRONG. Okay, so I didn't. Suuuugggggaaaarrr comaaaa... karma is a bitch. I also have a cold. (again. PFFFFT....)

NOTE: If you are not happy with my 2 sets of SSW's (I counted the parentheses), the title also counts, and is nicely applicable to a lot of things.

(Oh yeah, there's a button. I think I'll be 31st this week. Coinkydink?)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Blasphemous statements from a teenage girl


Make it stop... brain melting... no costume... fuck you procrastination, you ruin my life and make my mother a bitch about things that should be solely MY problem, and ARE, because I wreck my own chances at having fun and having a social life and other normal things. I would rather stay in this chair being a vampire and blogging and yapping about my Muppet obsession.

I am incapable of having "fun". That's it. I genetically cannot have "fun". "Normal fun", that consists of shopping and sleepovers and interacting with people and shit like that. My idea of fun is a day spent at Borders or Half Price Books... I'm not picky as long as it involves quiet, inanimate objects. Or television. At this point, my ideal day tomorrow would be:

Watching Young Frankenstein until I have the dialogue completely memorized. (Real scary movies I can't deal with, plus it's awesome. Make that any Mel Brooks/Gene Wilder movie, but hey I have to do *something* "festive")

Eating Hershey's bars.

Not thinking about my Spanish project that's due Monday. (fuck I just thought about it... lalalalalalala, Monday is not 2 days from nowwwww...)

Thank you for listening to me rant, and have a nice day! /sarcasm


Merry Christmas on top of it all! :D

*Postscript note: I *may* be a bit more optimistic tomorrow, which I will begin at 6:30 am (come ON, AMC, six thirty in the morning? Oh well.) by watching above mentioned possible-best-movie-of-the-twentieth-century-in-*my*-humble-opinion. And posting my
Spooky Six Words, as everyone should. That'll cheer me up, I suppose. Meh, today I feel like shit anywho. This should be fun, but I'm pissed at myself for the most part for not "trying" to have fun more. Oh, and ignore the quotes. I do that a lot when I don't edit.*

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I live with a bunch of 4 year olds. (I'm one)

**I'll just let this conversation speak for itself**

Me: *staring at my mother with her bra wrapped around her head* "Exactly WHAT are you doing?"
(nearly 50something) Mother: *pause* "Plaaaaayyyying." :D
Me: *dead stare*
Mom: "Trying out halloween costumes?"
Me: "And WHAT are you?"
Mom: "The Fly." *pause* "A condom?"
Me: *what the fuck-type face* *hysterical laughter*

Oh, and this phone call with my dad.

Me: Hey/'sup type greeting... actual dialogue not remembered until this:
Dad: "I lost my ice cream."
Me: ""
Dad: "I was trying to pick of the chocolate. I don't like chocolate. Then it fell off the stick!"
Me: "Hah. Sucks for you."
Dad: *whiny* "But now I doooooon't have iiiiice cream!"
Me: *laughter*

I like to pretend I'm the only "adult" in these situations... but I'm really not. It's how we "are" and it's cool. My friends with crazy-strict parents want to live here. The grass is always greener and crap like that... It probably didn't help that it was my brother's birthday and we were all sugar high. Teeheeh... >.>

If it turns out I can't write fiction for beans (we'll find out next month I 'spose. Woot NaNoWriMo!) I'll go the route of David Sedaris (love him) and write about all this. That's what this blog will become periodically, just my life, no real witty observations or whatever it is that draws you here. It helps that my life is funny when I'm not.


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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Six Word Saturday!

Long time since I've done this. I missed it. My six:

Week of AGGGGHHLSIWSKLGOIBMWSOPPPPPPTTTT!!!@!#$*&!fmmmblat over!!! (Need sleep.)

Yes, "AGGGGHHLSIWSKLGOIBMWSOPPPPPPTTTT!!!@!#$*&!fmmmblat" is a word. A word to conveys the sounds of my brain melting, followed by an explosion, and more angry muttering. Hooray for Saturday.

Button button button!

(click it for more-- hopefully more eloquent-ish-- 6WSes.)


I pick the third thing Google throws me when I'm bored/indecisive. For simply, "funny", Google Images put this third. In case ya wanted to know.

Postscript bit: After observing the cat picture, I have a question. What type of fruit is that? I'd say lime, but isn't the cat's head too big for that? Or is it a huge lime? Watermelon maybe? Watermelons are stripy. Can't be an avocado.... ah, the mysteries of life...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

50th post of spectacularity!!! (or not.)

A whole week and no blog. It's feels weird to finally be doing this, but here are my 7 awardees:

(But first, the icon!)

It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy
Show My Face
Sparkle's Soup of the Day
Life's a Beach
Gay Guy/Straight Guy
According to Alex

Just a bit of shameless promotion, really

Congratulations all. If you don't accept awards or something, disregard this. If you do, wave it proudly somewhere. (and if you do, pass it on to 7 other people and post 7 things people don't know about you. Like I have.)


I am to love the Engrish language...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Part 1 & 23/30

The Whiny Edition.


I've barely been able to read blogs lately, let alone post them. My Internet is full of suck, I still can't choose the 7 victims (which ones have it, I'm checking... which ones accept awards, who will hate me most if I don't... stuff like that. ;) ) I'm going to bestow the icon upon. I can't stop rhyming or using Victorian English terms, and I have-- eh, don't know what it is, it's *just* severe enough to make me whiny and neglectful of the ninternet. (I'm keeping the typo, it's a new word. The Internet for NINNIES!)

Suffice to say I'm cranky and I feel like crap. *goes to Symptom Checker* *yeah, they have one. Quite a few. WedMD is good. It thinks I have a cold. Awww darn. I was shooting for "Dust exposure". :(*


Teehee! >:-)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Today's blog comes in two parts.

This is just the 7 facts. I'll get to the 7 people tomorrow.

Or maybe Monday.

Pinkie swear.


1. I'm a lefty! Whoop! (As are Al Gore, Marilyn Monroe, Mark Twain, Oprah, and Jim Henson.)
2. Cereal in milk grosses me out. Cereal = fine. Milk = fine. Together? NASTY.
3. I collect key chains. (Yet I have no keys for fear of losing them.)
4. I lose things a lot. (See above)
5. I love the smell of books.
6. I hate Jenny McCarthy. (I've said this before but never explained... my brother has autism, so I've heard of her theories. It's bullshit. I hate that she tries to get other people to "cure" their children instead of accepting them as the great kids they are! STFU!

Ahem. Sorry to get preachy.)
7. I'm a huge Muppet fan. **See #1. All Muppets* are operated as being left-handed too** (I also live here. Internet-wise.

BONUS: 8. For people who don't read this blog much, to avoid confusion... Rena isn't my "real" name, but rather a name made for the Nerdfighters community. Dr Rena backwards is "A nerrd." **Pay no attention to the extra R, "Dr. Ena" just doesn't have the same ring to it.**

It's really Renata, which people tend to mispronounce. Ree-nah-tah. Comprende?

Interesting, no? No? Alrighty then.


(Or rather, FIPOGI's new cousin, FIVOGI! Watch the video!)

I love the song, (Moreso than anything "current"... 70s-80s too.) but I LOVE a good parody. Expect more of these when I get lazy and don't want to spend 20 minutes on Google Images!)

*Footnote: Spellcheck seems to think that "Muppet" is a word, but "Muppets" isn't. Learn to pluralize, spellcheck! Muppets!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I COULD say I'm still carefully considering who I'm going to choose and what seven juicy personal secrets I'm willing to reveal to you all. Instead of all that, (including an intricate lie involving a clown car and latex gloves... let's not go there.) I'm going to spare you the BS (and spare myself the burden of thinking up said BS. Currently I lack the mental capacity required to do so and THAT says quite a lot.) and tell you openly that, hello, my name is Rena and I'm a chronic procrastinator. (But hey, any title ending in "ator" is cool, right? PROCRASTINATOR. Yeah. EVERYTHING LOOKS AWESOME IN CAPZ, LYK YA?)

But to make up for it, here's a joke:

How do you find paper cuts you didn't know you had?
Pour hand sanitizer ALL OVER YOUR HAND! :D


Oh, wait.

That's not a joke. That's horrible horrible PAIN!!! O THE BURNING STINGING PAAAAIIIINNN! **I get them confused easily**

(let's just add this one to the list of lessons learned the hard way...)

FIPOGI! (this is also my most caps-TASTIC blog to date. Aren't you glad you're reading it?)

A REAL joke:

What are the two dirtiest animals on the farm


(yeah, it's an old joke. But it has a *real* punchline!)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

OMGOSH YAY... zzzzz...


I got an award! *points*

From Angel, who I happen to know got it from Raven (I read them both, check them out! :) ) and right now I'm just too tired to contemplate who I'll give this to and who I'll cruelly deny this awesome award. (People who've already gotten it, but deserve it nonetheless... *points to loooooong bloglist*) I've been drawing the Spaniards and the Aztecs stabbing each other for the past 2 hours, which is painstaking and terrible because I cannot draw for beans. I've accepted this and moved on. I feel really bad about this, though because it's one of these "alternative tests" where there's no test but a partner-project thing weighted as a test grade. So, my suckass drawings will bring down the poor girl I got partnered with. Sorry.

Anyhow, I'm tired and my wrist is crampy and I have to go back to drawing statues made out of blood and bread and the hearts of the hot warrior guys. Pobre chicos guapos. :(

I'll edit this tomorrow when I've had time to think, but I wanted to let you cyberpeople know I got an AWARD!!! Yay.

*crawls sadly back to desk... gets distracted by Tetris.*

Friday, October 2, 2009

Dear So & So: Train of MADNESS

It's been a while since I've done this, so let's get on with it:

Dear So and So...

Dear Trains:

WHAT do you have against us?

Every. Single. Friggin. Friday. At least 3 freight trains. Today it was five. Half an hour sitting on a bus with around 70 homecoming-crazed students and no open windows. I had to pee on top of all that. TORTURE.

-- Rena

Dear Allthathomecomingcrap:

Hmm. I guess I owe you an apology. The "pep rally" was actually fun. More screaming than pep, but fun nonetheless. Much dancing. You stole the "football players doing the Single Ladies dance" thing from Glee. Plagiarists. I don't care anymore. It was so tacky it was funny. As was the Thriller dance. That was pretty darn awesome. Needed better costumes. Why the sentence fragments?

Dear Brits,

I loveyouIhateyouIloveyouIhateyou I LOVE YOU.

Ye, who hath invented Fish & Chips, and talking liketh this. Because of your delicious fried concoction, I hath burned my tongue so severely I can barely chew. Yes, I zealously stuck an entire "chip" into my mouth seconds after coming out of hot oil, but responsibility for your own *stupid* actions is so un-American. Always blame someone else. In this case, that's you. Sorry, delicious people.

Lovingly, painfully,

Dear blog,

Sorry for neglecting you. Currently I'm seriously distracted. I should go to bed or do something productive. Oh well. Forming odd short sentences. Whoooooo!


(I love Photoshop. Or whoever made this. Or the trainer of this cat.)