Sunday, October 4, 2009

OMGOSH YAY... zzzzz...


I got an award! *points*

From Angel, who I happen to know got it from Raven (I read them both, check them out! :) ) and right now I'm just too tired to contemplate who I'll give this to and who I'll cruelly deny this awesome award. (People who've already gotten it, but deserve it nonetheless... *points to loooooong bloglist*) I've been drawing the Spaniards and the Aztecs stabbing each other for the past 2 hours, which is painstaking and terrible because I cannot draw for beans. I've accepted this and moved on. I feel really bad about this, though because it's one of these "alternative tests" where there's no test but a partner-project thing weighted as a test grade. So, my suckass drawings will bring down the poor girl I got partnered with. Sorry.

Anyhow, I'm tired and my wrist is crampy and I have to go back to drawing statues made out of blood and bread and the hearts of the hot warrior guys. Pobre chicos guapos. :(

I'll edit this tomorrow when I've had time to think, but I wanted to let you cyberpeople know I got an AWARD!!! Yay.

*crawls sadly back to desk... gets distracted by Tetris.*

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