Friday, October 30, 2009

Blasphemous statements from a teenage girl


Make it stop... brain melting... no costume... fuck you procrastination, you ruin my life and make my mother a bitch about things that should be solely MY problem, and ARE, because I wreck my own chances at having fun and having a social life and other normal things. I would rather stay in this chair being a vampire and blogging and yapping about my Muppet obsession.

I am incapable of having "fun". That's it. I genetically cannot have "fun". "Normal fun", that consists of shopping and sleepovers and interacting with people and shit like that. My idea of fun is a day spent at Borders or Half Price Books... I'm not picky as long as it involves quiet, inanimate objects. Or television. At this point, my ideal day tomorrow would be:

Watching Young Frankenstein until I have the dialogue completely memorized. (Real scary movies I can't deal with, plus it's awesome. Make that any Mel Brooks/Gene Wilder movie, but hey I have to do *something* "festive")

Eating Hershey's bars.

Not thinking about my Spanish project that's due Monday. (fuck I just thought about it... lalalalalalala, Monday is not 2 days from nowwwww...)

Thank you for listening to me rant, and have a nice day! /sarcasm


Merry Christmas on top of it all! :D

*Postscript note: I *may* be a bit more optimistic tomorrow, which I will begin at 6:30 am (come ON, AMC, six thirty in the morning? Oh well.) by watching above mentioned possible-best-movie-of-the-twentieth-century-in-*my*-humble-opinion. And posting my
Spooky Six Words, as everyone should. That'll cheer me up, I suppose. Meh, today I feel like shit anywho. This should be fun, but I'm pissed at myself for the most part for not "trying" to have fun more. Oh, and ignore the quotes. I do that a lot when I don't edit.*


  1. That is a wonderful movie! I love Mel Brooks movies.

  2. I hate shopping too! Malls = depressing. I love getting new clothes but I dislike the actual act of shopping. DILEMA! :(