Saturday, October 31, 2009

To be continued; is being continued (updated-ish)

My Spooky Six Words:

Festivities haven't begun, trickier than treating.
(A change is possible, stay tuned...)

I've been up since 5. MY Halloween is nearly over. Now begins the phase wherein I subject to other peoples' ideas of that today is. (Somewhat willingly, believe it or not.)

That's why I like Halloween though. There's some religious connotation and history, which is interesting, but it's also a chance to run around like a little kid at night and get either candy or the living shit scared out of you. Some people ignore it, but with less of the whole "I don't celebrate ____ and therefore it is evil!" mentality.

*to be updated either late at night or Sunday, a Sunday post will signify a better night than the former...* WRONG. Okay, so I didn't. Suuuugggggaaaarrr comaaaa... karma is a bitch. I also have a cold. (again. PFFFFT....)

NOTE: If you are not happy with my 2 sets of SSW's (I counted the parentheses), the title also counts, and is nicely applicable to a lot of things.

(Oh yeah, there's a button. I think I'll be 31st this week. Coinkydink?)


  1. Weather problems? It's foggy here, they are calling for rain, but that's ok we have back up plans :) Hope you have fun no matter what goes down tonight! :)

  2. It's pretty windy here, but the show will go on! Happy Halloween and thanks!

  3. That's a lot of continuing. And also, you're number 32. Unless you want to pick someone from the list ahead of you to delete. It'll be our little secret.

    Thanks for playing, #32.