Saturday, December 26, 2009

YUM. (6WS)

Ah, the day after Chistmas. Much better than the day after Thanksgiving, yet not as awesome as the day after Halloween. My six words:

All they know is I <3 chocolate.
(See how I stick signs in? Not technically words. :) )

Not that gifts really matter, but my Ghiradeli stash is stocked until March for now. Ooooh, and I got new fuzzy socks. Feet are warm, this is good. (I have such abnormally cold feet, I need the fuzzies....) On an unusual occasion, I have nothing to complain about. I'm bummed all our decorations are down already (upon my brother's request.), though. The Cheer is gone. :( It's almost like postpartum depression, building up to something and then it's like, "Oh shit. Now it's over. NOW what am I going to do?" (Yes, I'm comparing lack of Christmas to mental disease. And presumably, Christmas to babies. Have I creeped you out today? My work here is done.)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow and 6WS!

I haven't done 6WS in a loooong time; since I'm doing practically nothing at the moment, I figured I would do something bloggily-productive. Get on with it, you say? Yes, I believe I should:

**My six**

Snow, cinnamon roll, pajamas. Life = good.
(Just discovered "Compose" tab. Yay me.)

As for what I'm currently doing, just eating dangerously near the keyboard, typing this little post, and listening/watching the Weather Channel. I like hearing about all the snow we're going to get in the coming week (they predict a WHITE CHRISTMAS!! Woot!) and during the local-on-the-8s part they play instrumental Christmas carols. (the Charlie Brown music a few minutes ago. :) )

Good background music for blogging. Even though I'm kind of indifferent to the whole religious message of most of them, the music is really very pretty. I love "Joy to the World."


Never eat the pink snow, kiddies...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Inherently funny words

(I apologize in advance for the load of random crap this blog is, sometimes I feel bad for having not blogged in a while so I stop ignoring the blog post ideas in my head that are random utter crap. Also, I really have to stop rambling on like this to increase word count. Nanowrimo has not left my consciousness yet)

Wikipedia (all knowing god of teh interwebz) has a whole article devoted to the phonosemantics and use of "inherently funny words". Very interestiiiing... Apparently even people who don't speak English can appreciate the random funniness of words. For some reason I felt the need to blog about this, (but really, isn't that ALL blogging stems from?) and why not, anyway? Try not to laugh at any of the following: (question: does this only work verbally? The inherent LAWLability of words isn't mentioned when the words are consider whether you laugh or not to be part of some sort of scientific test!)


(You have any better ones? Long, uncommon funny ones are always great to slip into a conversation. I could have looked a lot of those up, but this was off the top of my head. KUMQUAT!)

Hot Chocolate Season...

My complete love affair with chocolate just grows so much stronger when it's cold out. "Oh, it's cold and gray and disgusting out today. I fancy something warm that is sweet and has the ability to CHEER and is also somewhat festive..." BAM. It's hot chocolate time. Hot chocolate has its own particular season, it can't be consumed any time of the year okay, so it's not a *law*, but really. Drink it all year 'round and it's not special anymore. It doesn't signify anything. Plus, in summer who wants to drink something that's HOT? Yes, people drink coffee/tea... but that disproves my point so I'm not going to mention it. :P Summer is Popsicle season. Other *laws* of hot chocolate:

-- No matter what the stupid package says, don't add water. Never. It makes it watery. (Captain ObviousPants saves the day once again!) Add milk, it's better that way.

-- The kind with the marshmallows already mixed in is pretty much crap. They don't puff at all, so it's like drinking teeth or something. Regular marshmallows dissolve into goo after a while, but that's what they're for!

Overall: hot chocolate rocks. I think that's something we can all agree on regardless of religion/wintry holiday. Winter = hot chocolate! And now, something I've been too lazy to fiddle around with my Mac to get it to do... (i.e Copy & Paste)


Now let's play, "Pick the most disturbing thing about the picture!" The meaning of the word "unintentional" when applied to small children? The fact that this is supposed to be a toy? The fake turd? You choose.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hello again, blogosphere!

18 days and 14,000-ish words later I am BAAAAAAACKKKK! Yaaaaaaaay! *happy dance partay time*


Well that is slightly depressing.

I've come back to discover I really have nothing to blog about.

Just wanted to let you know that NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth did not kill me. (I've never written out the whole thing; knowing this was the last time I thought I should give it its formal goodbye... good riddance. :P) Other than that, nada es interesante en mi vida hoy. (random Spanish interlude, thought there is probably a grammar error in there somewhere. Mostly I know how to swear/recognize when I am being sworn at in multiple different languages. The Germans have quite a way of insulting people, it is SO lovely...)

Otherly other than that, I am congratulating myself on repressing the urge to blurt "NO ONE EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION!!!!!" during an exam on that particular subject earlier. "World Studies" is *so* boring-- things like that must be done to maintain sanity. I definitely will never be able to take the Spanish Inquisition seriously. Due to of course:


Ah, mass murder and showtunes. Two of my favorite things!