Saturday, December 26, 2009

YUM. (6WS)

Ah, the day after Chistmas. Much better than the day after Thanksgiving, yet not as awesome as the day after Halloween. My six words:

All they know is I <3 chocolate.
(See how I stick signs in? Not technically words. :) )

Not that gifts really matter, but my Ghiradeli stash is stocked until March for now. Ooooh, and I got new fuzzy socks. Feet are warm, this is good. (I have such abnormally cold feet, I need the fuzzies....) On an unusual occasion, I have nothing to complain about. I'm bummed all our decorations are down already (upon my brother's request.), though. The Cheer is gone. :( It's almost like postpartum depression, building up to something and then it's like, "Oh shit. Now it's over. NOW what am I going to do?" (Yes, I'm comparing lack of Christmas to mental disease. And presumably, Christmas to babies. Have I creeped you out today? My work here is done.)


  1. You, too, have freakishly cold feet? Weird, I thought that was just me. My friends endearingly call my feet vamptoes because they're so darn cold.

  2. Vamptoes? Yes. I'm stealing that...

  3. I also have the cold feet. Yay fuzzies and chocolate!

    I also took down our decorations on the day after but this is because we decided to go out of town and the kitties can't be trusted with the tree.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!