Saturday, November 14, 2009

Background Change! (and 6WS)

Like it?

Yes? No? HAH. Doesn't matter if you do, I do. I figured it was time for a change, though I did really love the blinged out one. But y'know, season of peace and giving.... and I like the blue.

It's also Six Word Saturday, so here goes:

Weather disappointing, stuck in mid-fall limbo.
(No leaves left, no snow either.)

I'd really be happier if the weather just made up its mind. Not to say I LOVE winter, but it's better than FOG. And wind. Bleh. (Why is spellcheck telling me "bleh" is not a word? Is too. It's a perfectly good all-purpose interjection and/or expression of pre-winterness blahs. Oh, but "winterness" is a word? Wait, it's not when I put it in quotes? HMMMM?! This spellcheck is weird but I'm weirder for arguing with it. BLEH!)

Anyway, I think I found out how to copy & paste with this mouse now that "secondary click" is enabled... now let's pilfer something from Google...


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Now for the REAL holiday!

Happy Veteran's Day!

Meh, not really a happy occasion, but what else is there to say? Not enough people actually celebrate and honor veterans or whatever is supposed to happen thanks to this holiday. Just gives SOME lucky ducks a day off. Not us. :P

I don't have much more to say except didjaknow that they call it Remembrance Day in Canada? I didn't until today... I think this difference originates from the fact that Americans no like the big words. "Veteran's" is just shorter and more obvious. Remember who? Or what? Can I remember my dead goldfish? Hmmm.... goldfish. Cheeeeese. I'm hungry. Am I remembering my memories or the person/thing/fish/imaginary friend itself? Too complicated. Let's stick with "Veteran's", shall we?

(My remembrance of past Veteran's Days: When I was little I didn't know the difference between a veteran and a veterinarian. (it made perfect sense. Dogs = awesome therefore, Dog doctors = awesomer. Don't remember when I learned it wasn't, but I was mad about that. When IS Veterinarian's Day, anyway? *checks* Oh, it passed already. April 25th, incase you didn't know.)

(absence of the recent FIPOGIs is because this weird buttonless Mac mouse doesn't have right-click, so I can't figure out how to get the copy&paste menu for URL's and such. Either I'm completely oblivious/stupid/technologically incompetent/monkeybrained/weird/too cool for dat *choose one*, or I sense a very angry letter to Apple in the future...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

World's Greatest Excuses, Part 1

Part One of a series of excuses that work for just about everything:

*** But it's a holiday! ***

...and before you think I typed this post meaning for it to be a draft and publish it tomorrow but instead posted it on accident today-- and I HAVE done that before-- NO. In my eyes it's a holiday. Not just Area Code Day, either. Have you seen Google today? Sesame Street, people! Sesame Street is 40. This constitutes a holiday. THIS is why I haven't been Nanowrimo-ing as frequently as I should. I have an excuse. I'm doing other important things. This may be the one instance I'm not just solely thinking up excuses to not feel guilty about my (lack of) novel. I'm honoring Sesame Street and all it stands for. A further, longer, great explanation of this can be found at The Mindset (shout out! Woop!)

It's hard to explain, but the Muppet fandom is probably the best fandom in the world. I'm part of it and I'm proud. Happy birthday to the happiest street in the universe.

Monday, November 2, 2009

NaNo Note

I've news!

I love using Olde English-y expressions, but THAT is not the news! Newsy items:

1. I got a MAC!!!! (thank ye gods! Windows no more! A computer I don't have to share with people who don't spill coffee and other *mysteeeerious* substances upon it...) The Mac no can haz the Internet yet, but its existence is quite promising.

2. I'm doing NaNoWriMo! Basic facts:
a. I have a month to write a novel.
b. That month is November.
c. I'm almost 900 words in and it's the second day,
d. BUT the average words per day *should* be something like 1,667. Nowhere near there, but I digress. This is strictly for fun, anyhow. **side: HUGE oxymoron. How can something be strict and fun?** It's impossible to write a good first draft, much less in 30 days. There's always revision.

IMPORTANT for blog-reading people:

e. This leaves a lot less time to devote to either of the blogs; this one will most likely be grossly neglected first. Unless you want to hear about NaNo every day. I doubt it, I'm the one writing it and it's not that interesting...

*insert funny picture of choice here* Whoop. See? I'm already getting lazy... :l