Tuesday, November 10, 2009

World's Greatest Excuses, Part 1

Part One of a series of excuses that work for just about everything:

*** But it's a holiday! ***

...and before you think I typed this post meaning for it to be a draft and publish it tomorrow but instead posted it on accident today-- and I HAVE done that before-- NO. In my eyes it's a holiday. Not just Area Code Day, either. Have you seen Google today? Sesame Street, people! Sesame Street is 40. This constitutes a holiday. THIS is why I haven't been Nanowrimo-ing as frequently as I should. I have an excuse. I'm doing other important things. This may be the one instance I'm not just solely thinking up excuses to not feel guilty about my (lack of) novel. I'm honoring Sesame Street and all it stands for. A further, longer, great explanation of this can be found at The Mindset (shout out! Woop!)

It's hard to explain, but the Muppet fandom is probably the best fandom in the world. I'm part of it and I'm proud. Happy birthday to the happiest street in the universe.

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