Friday, December 17, 2010

Conversion Successful, Achievement Unlocked!

Remember this charming little anecdote? About that:

I. . .

have created. . .

a fangirl.

"Wait 'til you're eighteen" my ass.

Oh, fun times were had. Will continue to be had. Flinch reflex totally eradicated (Beginning of movie: Shirtless males! Must not see! By the end: Watching with rapt attention). Dancing, line memorization commenced. Also, our own punny/vulgar references to things, declaration of ourselves as Magenta/Columbia respectively.

But, as with anything, the debate of England vs. Japan comes up. Bonded by a mutual love of androgyny/transvestites, parallels were drawn between Dr. Frank and Gackt **for the horribly uninformed: Frank = main character, mad scientist, voice like sex. Gackt = Japanese, pop singer, likes to pretend he's a vampire. I find it disturbing that the icon describes him as "Everybody's playmate". NO JUST NO.** See for yourselves:

The resemblance is uncanny, is it not? Even better examples exist, but they screw with Blogger's formatting.

England wins again, bitches.

To make up for my gloating, I will admit I only know/obsess over aspects of British pop culture, not necessarily geography. I honestly thought Stonehenge was in Chile. (Confused it for Easter Island, which, even so, is not IN CHILE, rather on an island **Hence Easter ISLAND, dumbass** governed by Chile. Whatever. For the recently-neglected video ending segment of this blog, this should be seen by everyone and so I am embedding it here:

"Let's go rub it in a single crippled man's face!" xD