Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Movie Recommendations

So. I haven't blogged in forever, I am alive, you may or may not have missed me. I've been doing things. Talking endlessly and eating chips and being generally sociable. With a nerdy and who I have also known for a while and who lets me forget his name and he could possibly also even be the love interest in a Sarah Dessen book and even though I think those books are sappy wish fulfillment I like that he is like that guy, even. ('nerdy' here being a requirement, not a detraction) This is good. But I enjoy being a recluse.

Because I have no original ideas, here's (the middle of) a conversation held with the near-exclusive purpose of creating an awkward situation (again). (some parts edited for reading audiences. Guess the film based on the descriptions. Should be easy if you've seen it. If not, the descriptions are the fun of it. Consider this a recommendation.)

*long discussion resulting in the fact that the perceived quality of movies is directly proportional to the number of times you see them*

Rena: "My mom's one of those people who've seen [title] like 50 times..."

N/Conservative mother of T: *disdainful* "That's a cult."

R: *turning to confused T* "It's really just a charming musical-comedy slash parody about a wholesome fifties couple. . .

T: *blank face*

". . . except that almost everyone ends up killed or raped. . ."

*squick face*

". . . by a cross-dressing sex-starved mad-scientist alien. . ."


". . . who is in turn killed by his incestuous alien servants. Dancing, yelling and throwing things are encouraged."

T: *laughter* "I have to see this movie."

N: "Not until you're 18."

Is every bit as weird as it sounds. The awesome kind of weird.


  1. Lol I knew exactly what movie you were talking about lol! I adore that movie, but I am not one of the "Get dressed in bedclothes and watch it" types!

  2. *highfive*

    I much enjoy that movie and get many weird looks from my friends *coughRachelcoughAlex* for thinking so :)

  3. Lol, I've never been to a shadowcast (in which case I'd definitely go in costume), maybe if I manage to convert some people... (I feel your pain, Jina. ;))

  4. In an unrelated note: WTF is wrong with you HTML?