Saturday, January 2, 2010

6WS resolutions!!!

Before the Six Words part, I'd like to state some resolutions, trying to keep most relevant to this blog:

--Don't procrastinate (applicable to SO many other things)
-- Be more interesting (Same parentheses as the above)
-- Quityerwhining. (yes, one word. And yes, ditto other parenthesseses...?)
-- Blog more frequently/consistently (NOT applicable in real world, but I'm thinking a REGULAR blog every Wednesday & Saturday in 2010!)
-- Don't rely on 6WS for your once-weekly, short blogs (see above)
-- Get to the darn POINT with the Six Words!!!

My six:

Worry about tomorrow first. (if necessary)
(this is kind of personal; I tend to worry/stress myself into incoherent babbling and foaming at the mouth about things that are weeks away, yet forget the worry-inducing/possibly more important thing looming in the immediate future. Not a perfect strategy either way, but (if) I must worry, so this is my way of organizing it at least. Make your own meaning of that if you share my crazypantzed tendencies.)


(Blogger is being mean *as opposed to my blatant ignoring of this as of late* and not letting me post the image or the link. Use your imaginaaaaaation to think of one and pretend I put it here.)


  1. That's as good a resolution as any involving worry!

  2. I try to take my worries one thing at a time. And I've also made a lot of progress in worrying only about things I can do something about. Good luck with your goals for the year and thanks for playing 6WS!