Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Resolution Part 2/104

Hello again. I have calculated all the Wednesdays and Saturdays in 2010. Assuming I go this year entirely fail-less, I'll have posted 104 times. This is the second of those. I'm really not going to bore you out of obligation, if a post turns out to be something like, "Today was good/boring/who knows and/or cares", I'll skip it. But mostly this is an exercise in DISCIPLINE and COMMITMENT and OTHER THINGS I COULD PUT IN CAPS for me personally.

I've started thinking about writing poetry more often, but then I realized most of my "I am a tormented child poet" phase was crap. I used to write nonsense haiku whilst locked in the closet under the stairs-- of my own free will. Seriously. Closet under the stairs= OMGZ just like in Harry Potter!!!! So I spent most of 2005 like that. A sample of poems from the abyss formerly known as Adequate Space for a Young Harry Potter Fanatic That is Now Full of Boxes and Other Assorted Shit:



It's a word. Really.

The Strawberry Whale (seriously, I wrote this in red crayon... deep and facinating-- as most things in crayon are-- I must warn you.)

A seven syllable phrase

Contemplation OF everything (sadly not in crayon)

Yes this is five words.

A triangular space

I am in it. La!

Apparently I couldn't think of an ending to that one. La! Meh, hopefully I've gotten better at it. Takes up space nicely, anyway. Good use of few words that do NOT necessarily need to make any kind of sense. Refrigerator. :D


(copy and paste is still being annoying... but anything mildly funny that screams "I am *THIS* close to going on a homicidal rampage." would be appropriate here.)

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  1. Those were some excellent haikus, if I do say so myself.