Saturday, January 30, 2010

Schwarzenegger and World Studies

Today's Six Words:

Great Moments in History-- TWSS Edition

Yes, that's right-- That's What She Said. (as I've mentioned before, intialisms/abbreviations/symbols don't count as more than one word)

So, on Thursday in World Studies, (if you read carefully, most of my actual stories about school come from this class. There's a reason for that, one being that most of us should be on some kind of medication... the swearing-in-Gaelic teacher included.) the following conversation reached a predictable conclusion:

Student-person: "Mrs. G, the pencil sharpener is broken."
Mrs. G: "Well, is it plugged in?"
SP: "Yes. It's broken."
G: *Irritated, as usual* "No, it's not. Just stick it in hard and twist it. It'll work for you eventually.
Let's just call him "Rico"... he'd enjoy that immensely: *triumphantly, though these setups are not uncommon*: "That's what she said!"

Oh, and the day before, Rico was showing a group of people how he can somehow extend his stomach so it looks like he's 4 months pregnant or so, and move it, like in a circular motion. Creepy, but Mrs. G remarks: "Ewww. Hey, did any of you ever see that one movie with Schwarzenegger, where the guy pops out of the other guy's stomach? Rico reminded me of that, it was disgusting." First mistake there, G-- you do NOT mention Schwarzenegger movies containing aliens in people's stomachs in front of them and expect them to ignore it.

So naturally, 5 minutes later she caved, and showed us this gem, which is like a compilation of the entire movie, with multiple catfights and shootings and some swearing that made them giggle like 8 year olds. Oh, *yes*, Mrs. G, THIS is perfectly appropriate to show during class, and History of the World Part 1/Holy Grail is "too vulgar"? What. The. Hell?! It's at least relevant, to, uh, what's this called... World Studies. (hey, I'm not complaining, perfect waste of 6 minutes, but really.)



  1. That classroom sounds like a hoot. And I managed to get in a really good TWSS at work today but it was BC (before coffee) so I've forgotten it.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  2. Sounds like it would be hard to get bored in that class!

    Love that pic. I'd like to shoot some survivors myself.

    Have a great day!