Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nostalgic Movies for a Cold Saturday

**I am going to post two blogs today, instead of squashing this with my 6WS. I'm also doing this one intentionally first, so that I will be LAST for the second week in a row. :P**

I've spent much of today doing nothing. Very contently, as opposed to the last few Saturdays, wherein I've been stressed or feeling shitty for some reason... well, today I have a cold, but it's made me just sickly and full of mucus enough to stay home alone in my pajamas all day. (It's ironic that a cold makes me happy, but that's me.) These occurrences are very, very rare. And how have I seized this opportunity?

Doing (what would appear to most people as)

Nothing. :D

As in, watching movies and sucking vitamin C drops and lying on the couch and generally not doing productive things such as homework, but at this point I don't care. Aforementioned movies watched include:

Charlotte's Web (which does indeed make me cry, shut up.)

The Wizard of Oz (Oh hellz yes)

Kiki's Delivery Service (It's awesome, but my anime-obsessed BFF insists upon the superiority of the Japanese version. It's all I know about anime-wise, and Phil Hartman-dubbed Jiji is adorable, sarcastic, AND speaks English! :P)

The Swan Princess (So, so corny, but so, so good. Jean Bob kind of pwns Naveen just a little bit. If you have seen either of these movies then you get a sticker. Heck, you get a sticker for reading this far. *throws stickers from magical parade float and watches people run into the street like ninnies, because this is MY asterisk bubble dammit and if I want to see you run into traffic then YOU WILL.*)

Annie (The 1999 Disney version. Nostalgic for me, though I do admit Whatzisface guy who plays Rooster is far inferior to Tim Curry in retrospect. Mmmm, Tim Curry...)

Willy Wonka (on in background as this is being typed. I've had to stop multiple times so as to devote my full attention to it.)

And yes, all on VHS, pausing in between to shove them into the magic rectangle rewinding device. Does this thing have a name? It makes a buzzing sort of noise and then pops the tape out when it's done, with a light thing in the corner. I have distinct memories of jamming my fingers into it. This thing:


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