Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hot Chocolate Season...

My complete love affair with chocolate just grows so much stronger when it's cold out. "Oh, it's cold and gray and disgusting out today. I fancy something warm that is sweet and has the ability to CHEER and is also somewhat festive..." BAM. It's hot chocolate time. Hot chocolate has its own particular season, it can't be consumed any time of the year okay, so it's not a *law*, but really. Drink it all year 'round and it's not special anymore. It doesn't signify anything. Plus, in summer who wants to drink something that's HOT? Yes, people drink coffee/tea... but that disproves my point so I'm not going to mention it. :P Summer is Popsicle season. Other *laws* of hot chocolate:

-- No matter what the stupid package says, don't add water. Never. It makes it watery. (Captain ObviousPants saves the day once again!) Add milk, it's better that way.

-- The kind with the marshmallows already mixed in is pretty much crap. They don't puff at all, so it's like drinking teeth or something. Regular marshmallows dissolve into goo after a while, but that's what they're for!

Overall: hot chocolate rocks. I think that's something we can all agree on regardless of religion/wintry holiday. Winter = hot chocolate! And now, something I've been too lazy to fiddle around with my Mac to get it to do... (i.e Copy & Paste)


Now let's play, "Pick the most disturbing thing about the picture!" The meaning of the word "unintentional" when applied to small children? The fact that this is supposed to be a toy? The fake turd? You choose.


  1. This is so sad, I regularly disobey all your hot chocolate rules. I love the kind with built-in (?) marshmallows because I don't really like regular marshmallows because they're too sweet. Also, I drink it year round, because it's better than getting addicted to coffee (supposedly).
    I tried adding milk once... and it burned, yet it was still cold. And it was really, really gross. :( But I think that's just because I can't cook. So I just add water and it tastes fine to me.
    Theoretically, though, these are good rules to follow. Perhaps I'm just too rebellious ;)

  2. I give you full permission to rebel, Vita. ;)