Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Part 1 & 23/30

The Whiny Edition.


I've barely been able to read blogs lately, let alone post them. My Internet is full of suck, I still can't choose the 7 victims (which ones have it, I'm checking... which ones accept awards, who will hate me most if I don't... stuff like that. ;) ) I'm going to bestow the icon upon. I can't stop rhyming or using Victorian English terms, and I have-- eh, don't know what it is, it's *just* severe enough to make me whiny and neglectful of the ninternet. (I'm keeping the typo, it's a new word. The Internet for NINNIES!)

Suffice to say I'm cranky and I feel like crap. *goes to Symptom Checker* *yeah, they have one. Quite a few. WedMD is good. It thinks I have a cold. Awww darn. I was shooting for "Dust exposure". :(*


Teehee! >:-)


  1. Aww!! Feel better soon!!! I love Cyanide and Happiness btw!