Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I live with a bunch of 4 year olds. (I'm one)

**I'll just let this conversation speak for itself**

Me: *staring at my mother with her bra wrapped around her head* "Exactly WHAT are you doing?"
(nearly 50something) Mother: *pause* "Plaaaaayyyying." :D
Me: *dead stare*
Mom: "Trying out halloween costumes?"
Me: "And WHAT are you?"
Mom: "The Fly." *pause* "A condom?"
Me: *what the fuck-type face* *hysterical laughter*

Oh, and this phone call with my dad.

Me: Hey/'sup type greeting... actual dialogue not remembered until this:
Dad: "I lost my ice cream."
Me: ""
Dad: "I was trying to pick of the chocolate. I don't like chocolate. Then it fell off the stick!"
Me: "Hah. Sucks for you."
Dad: *whiny* "But now I doooooon't have iiiiice cream!"
Me: *laughter*

I like to pretend I'm the only "adult" in these situations... but I'm really not. It's how we "are" and it's cool. My friends with crazy-strict parents want to live here. The grass is always greener and crap like that... It probably didn't help that it was my brother's birthday and we were all sugar high. Teeheeh... >.>

If it turns out I can't write fiction for beans (we'll find out next month I 'spose. Woot NaNoWriMo!) I'll go the route of David Sedaris (love him) and write about all this. That's what this blog will become periodically, just my life, no real witty observations or whatever it is that draws you here. It helps that my life is funny when I'm not.


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  1. I LOVED this post!! It made me and Wednesday lol in the student center!

  2. Hahahaha.
    This put things in perspective.
    My parents are *that* crazy. Or maybe they are, just in a different way...