Saturday, October 24, 2009

Six Word Saturday!

Long time since I've done this. I missed it. My six:

Week of AGGGGHHLSIWSKLGOIBMWSOPPPPPPTTTT!!!@!#$*&!fmmmblat over!!! (Need sleep.)

Yes, "AGGGGHHLSIWSKLGOIBMWSOPPPPPPTTTT!!!@!#$*&!fmmmblat" is a word. A word to conveys the sounds of my brain melting, followed by an explosion, and more angry muttering. Hooray for Saturday.

Button button button!

(click it for more-- hopefully more eloquent-ish-- 6WSes.)


I pick the third thing Google throws me when I'm bored/indecisive. For simply, "funny", Google Images put this third. In case ya wanted to know.

Postscript bit: After observing the cat picture, I have a question. What type of fruit is that? I'd say lime, but isn't the cat's head too big for that? Or is it a huge lime? Watermelon maybe? Watermelons are stripy. Can't be an avocado.... ah, the mysteries of life...


  1. Okay so I will admit I can be slightly obsessive, I went to google and typed in Cats with green fruit hats! lol I have to find out, I would go with a lime too, perhaps an orange that wasn't ripe yet?

  2. a fun cat you got there!

    i hope you can catch up on your sleep, i think SLEEP could be the most elusive thing for us!

    you might want to see my 6WS if you have the time!
    happy weekend!

  3. I thought it was just some sort of green melon. No idea now. Kitty doesn't look thrilled though.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!