Friday, October 2, 2009

Dear So & So: Train of MADNESS

It's been a while since I've done this, so let's get on with it:

Dear So and So...

Dear Trains:

WHAT do you have against us?

Every. Single. Friggin. Friday. At least 3 freight trains. Today it was five. Half an hour sitting on a bus with around 70 homecoming-crazed students and no open windows. I had to pee on top of all that. TORTURE.

-- Rena

Dear Allthathomecomingcrap:

Hmm. I guess I owe you an apology. The "pep rally" was actually fun. More screaming than pep, but fun nonetheless. Much dancing. You stole the "football players doing the Single Ladies dance" thing from Glee. Plagiarists. I don't care anymore. It was so tacky it was funny. As was the Thriller dance. That was pretty darn awesome. Needed better costumes. Why the sentence fragments?

Dear Brits,

I loveyouIhateyouIloveyouIhateyou I LOVE YOU.

Ye, who hath invented Fish & Chips, and talking liketh this. Because of your delicious fried concoction, I hath burned my tongue so severely I can barely chew. Yes, I zealously stuck an entire "chip" into my mouth seconds after coming out of hot oil, but responsibility for your own *stupid* actions is so un-American. Always blame someone else. In this case, that's you. Sorry, delicious people.

Lovingly, painfully,

Dear blog,

Sorry for neglecting you. Currently I'm seriously distracted. I should go to bed or do something productive. Oh well. Forming odd short sentences. Whoooooo!


(I love Photoshop. Or whoever made this. Or the trainer of this cat.)


  1. My school had a pep rally too! But it wasn't as cool as yours because our football team didn't dance! That must of been awesome, even if it WAS stolen from Glee. Hilarious scene, btw.

  2. I've seen the same cat in a different image before. I believe there was a caption that said something like, "Hand over the milk and nobody gets hurt."
    I love random cat pictures.

  3. I'm not really a "cat person", but they lend so well to insanity it works.

    Kate-- Yay! Fellow Gleek! :D

  4. Our pep rallies in HS were always in-frickin-sane. I am glad that the younger generation is carrying on the tradition. Happy Weekend Rena, thanks for participating!

  5. I always skipped the pep rallies at school. I didn't have a whole lot of school spirit.

    Great pic, I feel like that some days.

  6. We had really tame pep rallies although Kensei's private school had all the football players in black tie and do Men In Black.

    Oh Before I forget!
    Look at the award I gave you!!!