Friday, September 25, 2009

I got my vvizh.

**In an effort to make this more readable, the double u vvil be represented by double v. Or one if I get lazy. German accent FTVV. And letter 21 of the alphabet vvil be the gangsta version, the z. It'll be hard to remember to convert all those letters to the alternative, but for you all I'll sacrifice.** (Spellcheck corrects it most of the time, actually. I just have to type it like this the first time to get it to recognize it...)

Today haz been really icky. Ortho early in the morning = MASSIVE HEADACHE rest of the day. Avvful. The best I can describe it iz that feeling you get when you chevv gum for VAY TOO LONG and your javv starts to hurt, then your head and it kinda gets all throbby? Yeah, that. Only you can NEVER 5TOP CHEVVING THE GUM. Imagine the pain. I couldn't go home, 'cuz the nurse iz an azzhole, and I had 3 tests today, vich iz unfair 'cuz I couldn't concentrate on anything... (but I digress, this post haz a happy ending...) 5o I spent the last 2 hours zleeping, (INCLUDING on the bus 'o doom which zayz a LOT, because I HATE IT, and I can almost never sleep on anything that move.) and when I woke up it vaz POURING!!!! The GOOD kind of rain. Instantly made me happier.

(I'm not doing Dear Zo & Zo, although I can think of a fevv novv:

Dear rain and chocolate and sleep:
Luv ya lots,

Dr. Orthodontodude--

You suck.)

This iz a zhort post, mostly cuz I hate typing like this, I'm not a gangsta and I knovv it. Fo zhizzle.


Be sure to put that in the vil before you touch the wires of INSTANT DEATH... moohaha.


  1. Does it ever worry you that somebody could say awful, awful things to you and the most you could do in return would be to "VVVVVZZZZ"* at them?

    *ignoring that there are 24 other letters of the alphabet at your disposal

  2. I remember that ortho pain. It made me want to shoot my orthodontist and then the nurse as mine also never let me go home after the torture that is orthodontic care.

  3. awful things to you and the most you could do in return would be to "VVVVVZZZZ"* at them?
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