Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mini TV

I love commercials more than I love television.
I was sadder when Billy Mays died than when Michael Jackson did.
I love when commercials have little people in them.

(it's a weird version of Fannee Doolee, but it's true.)

Are any of these statements starting to creep you out a little? Really, I just noticed them myself and I feel like a bit of an awful person. Just watch this and try not to laugh, and THEN decide if I'm terrible:

I mean, I know how this commercial can be seen as "Politically Incorrect", but it's still hilarious. I mean, if the actors aren't offended, why should it be taken off the air? Probably an average of one embittered "little person's" complaint.

Speaking of the Politically Correct way we deal with 2000's remakes... (I wasn't, but that's my train of thought for you.)

My mom and I were discussing the article in the Sun-Times about "new" fall tv shows that are remakes, and one listed was The Electric Company. Her immediate response:

"Why would they even DO that?! It was so good! They should just show it in reruns."

It's true. In my summer state of advanced television viewing, I turned it on once. (there's nothing else on at 11 am, and we've already discussed my love of the Muppets.) From what I can understand, it's completely abandoned the original concept, and remixed the theme song.

One hilarious blurb from the article:

"None of the same segments are repeated, and no alumni have appeared. The original boasted such talents as Rita Moreno, Bill Cosby, Zero Mostel, Joan Rivers, Gene Wilder and Irene Cara."
*I added the bold, cuz that's a little long for a blurb*

And um, why WOULD they?
(adn, in addition to Zero Mostel being, uh, DEAD, I seriously doubt they would allow the image of a turban-wearing evil little person on TV nowadays... It's funny that I'm the one that thought of that and not my mom. ("I was 8. People didn't think like that then.") I mean, I was being sarcastic, like, " That's promoting terrorism! Save the children's little minds!" But I'm sure someone would make a lawsuit of it.

Seriously. Just rerun the old ones, PBS. None of this superheros/aliens/superpowers/organic diner crap. Maybe THAT'S what's keeping the 6 year olds from learning, hmmm?


I hope this time the picture doesn't get cut off on the sides. It's on "small" and "center", but sometimes even that doesn't work. *O crap and a half. Just click on it to get the full effect...*

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