Sunday, September 27, 2009

After a LONG while...

I'm just catching up on all your comments, blog followers. You people rock.
(And commenting on all the other blogs I wasn't able to see/comment on, because Blogger "conveniently" decided to stop remembering me, (I always do that, even though I really should sign out for fear of teh HACKERS. :O Even almost no one else uses this computer...) and I couldn't re-login because my password contains an s, which I couldn't use, AND I couldn't make the @ sign to type my gmail name. Suckish.)


Thought you should know. This length of non-blogging is likely to cause concern amongst my *huge* fan base.

(And I'm going to update my bloglist again soon. I always check out my followers blogs, and they're pretty awesome. Also thinking about a background change... going to be a major makeover soon, actually. All I've really added to the sides is the quote widget, which I may move up, I don't know yet. And my profile could use some work, I like the random questions Blogger comes up with... ramble, ramble, ramble...)


**This isn't funny so much as it is AWESOME**

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