Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To my...readers.


It feels so weird to type that.

People actually READ this now. I some sort of record that 4 people find this blog worth reading. Hmmmm. I think you should know I'm definitely not one of those "post every day for ____ *a year, a month, however long it takes them to do something.* In a way, I think that would be easier. Having a certain thing to do EVERY SINGLE day, and then blogging about the experience. It would be harder to DO that thing everyday, though. Like cook or go eco bit by bit, or follow the literal translation of the bible. (All things people have done, by the way. These are dedicated, if questionably sane, people. I am not in this group, mostly because of the "dedicated enough to do *a variation of* the same thing for X days/weeks/months..." part.

More often, I post when I have some sort of meme-theme (unintentional rhymes are pretty awesome, and I felt the need to point that out.) on which to base my post. (i.e. Dear So & So, 6WS) It helps me not be so... like this. Just disconnected trains of thought, although occasionally I may provoke some thought. (I hope.)

Not *too* often, though. I started this blog for my own entertainment and personal expression. I'm not going to change this format or censor myself now that I know I'm being read. (I'll try. It's not like these were deep innermost secrets anyway, but the "public eye" makes people do things...)

If you're not pissed off by that, and still would like to read my blabberings on, thank you, and I hope you like what you've found.


Noooooo! Google: IT KNOWS ALL!

(this is one of those things that *may* piss people off. Oops?)


  1. FYI, I will continue to read this blog, even if you decide to list the ways carpet is worth staring at. Actually, thinking about it that might be kinda funny.

  2. Lulz. I may do just that. Let me seeee... current carpetting is blue-green basement carpet, in need of cleaning. Stare at it long enough and you'll get slightly seasick.