Friday, September 18, 2009

Dear So and So: *holyfuckingspazzamatasticAHHH!*

Dear So and So...

This blog contains: Swearing, ranting, whining, bitching, moaning and the like. I would like to say I've earned the right to these things, seeing as how I've been such a calm, positive person lately, but frankly I just need to do this or I may become irreversibly holyfuckingspazzamatastically insane. You wouldn't want that, now would you? *psychotic glare*

Does the title not say it all?

Alright then:

Dear-- School idiots (Yeah, ALL OF YOU. I think by now this goes without saying. Every Friday, after a week of this shit, I'll rant about my school. Yes, I realize this makes me no better than any wannabe-emo punk asshole who has nothing better to do than complain, specifically about how no one "understands them". But think of it this way, substitute work for as much as I moan about school, and there you have any "normal adult" blog. I realize this isn't "the real world" quite yet, but school is very much a job, just a job that doesn't pay, with questionably good, life skills teaching results. It's just crap that needs to be done. Becoming "smart" is now our only incentive.)

Where was I? Oh, yeah:

the world, Monday, trains, basketballs, gherkin pickles. And anything or anyone else I can't think of. You know who you are.

That one sums it up nicely.


Dear World,

Okay, okay, sorry. Hopefully I'll be "better" again soon. (Or at least stop using so many "quotes". Yes, I even annoy myself sometimes.)

-- Rena

FIPOGI! (I'm in a twisted sort of mood that constitutes maniacal laughter at inappropriate things. Or nothing. *twitch* *laughterspasm*)


  1. awwww.. You rock! Just wanted to throw that in for ya!

  2. OMG, that pumpkin is hilarious!!

    My eldest daughter's rant about school would sound very much like yours. She is so fed up with it and I feel very bad for her cuz I remember school and it was such shit.

    Also, I can relate to being 'holyfuckingspazzamatastically insane' you can always tell when I'm there cuz I start to twitch uncontrollably.

    This post reminds me of the Happy Bunny quote:

    "School prepares you for the real world. Which also sucks."

    Hope you are 'better' soon.


  3. Also, can I link to your blog?

  4. Sure! Thanks! Better today, in case you wanted to know.

    Thanks Angel! You too!

  5. Thanks, glad your doing better!!