Thursday, September 24, 2009

No Edits!

So, I didn't wind up editing the 6:00 am blog from yesterday. Ah well.

Y'know what annoys me? People who mispronounce "especially" as "EXpeshully". Urgh!!! That level of butchering done to the English language should not see the outside of a computer. Period.

Thing 2: I love Thursday. Don't know why, but it seems like the week is over without being OVER. Usually it FEELS like Friday, so then Friday comes and that's just this extra day that separates Thursday (psuedo-Friday) from the actual awesome that is Saturday. This Saturday won't be as awesome, though. Closet cleaning FTL. I know I have to, I'd really kind of LIKE a cleaner closet, *I* just don't wanna. I'm a lazy neatfreak. I like when things are clean and in order, but yet I put no effort into keeping them that way. Contradictory, but true. My life in approximately 3 words.

When is it finally going to start being fall-ish? GAH. It's been cloudy over here for the past week. Either RAIN, or GO AWAY. Stupid clouds. I hate this inbetween thing. It's GRAY and that's it. Rain is anticipated, but it never comes. I love rain, when it's dark and cold and it pours. That is a day for reading and hot chocolate. Humid gray pre-drizzling is awful.

Oh darn. No the key in't orking. Dammit. Neither i the "dubya" (I HATE that pronounciation, but jut o you get the idea...) Tupid ticking key(pluralization)!!! AARGH!!!!

At least (WHAT? NOW they work? Not gonna fix all that. I guess it proves all you have to do is yell at them sometimes. ork on everything.

damn you bipolar keys (another s! WTH?) DECIDE! Work or not? What will you do in this next sentence?

**Before it cre itelf again... DAMMIT!**


Jut in time for creeper eaon!
(I love the candy, though. It' an ecue to act like a kid and get candy. HOLIDAY(plural) PN.)

**Comical mipelling and rant left in on purpoe. Orry if you can't read it! :)**


  1. You are not alone in your lazy neat freak habits. Oh, how I wish my room were clean. But that would involve actual cleaning. *shudder* It's fine messy.

  2. Oh! I HATE when my keys stick. Sometimes, they do, sometimes they don't. I know how you feel. Today it's the K button. Rawr.

    The picture is hilarious. Child molestors. L O L.

  3. Ahhh, it got cut off though! There was a picture of a mustached-guy holding a bowl of candy next to the graph. Thanks!

  4. Oh, how I wish my room were clean. But that would involve actual cleaning. *shudder* It's fine messy. Web hosting india