Friday, August 14, 2009

The Blurtability of Non-Swears

This pretty much sums today up for me. It's "one of those days.", as much as I hate that phrase. Yeah, it's definitely one of THOSE days. Ya know. When all you can think of to say is:


I TRY not to swear a lot, but today... !@#$%^. Ok, I may have stretched the truth in that last sentence. I try not to swear OUT LOUD, but if my life were a comic strip *I'm still not sure it isn't...* "!@#$%^!" would be in my thought bubble quite a bit. If I do have to swear out loud, I try to use as long a word as I can think up. FUDDRUCKER'S!!! Doesn't really roll off the tongue as nicely, but having to think of longer ones kind of slows down my thought. It's really easy to BLURT a four letter word, but 10 letters isn't as blurtable.

Wow. I just based an entire blog post off of my use of profanity. Or non-profanity, really.


That is all. Have a nice day. :)

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