Monday, August 3, 2009

Look-alikes and Metaphors

Yes, I'm blogging twice in one day. I have all this crazy blogging-adrenaline so I MUST blog more today. Don't worry, eventually this wil wear off and you'll only have to deal with me a few days a week instead of a few times a day. I can't control myself. It's like my brain is fondue and I am spewing HOT MELTED CHEESE all over this keyboard. (Odd metaphor, but I'm hungry...)

Plus, my last post wasn't even "official", was it? Nothing of substance. So on with the substance...

Expect this blog to change appearance often, until I get it *just* right. I might add a background or something, because right now it just looks kind of... bleh.

Good thing it isn't humid today (like it was yesterday... Jeez! Well, it's August. Meh.) or else I would be sporting the ever-so-desirable "poodle-ish" look. Well actually there's many names for my head when the weather gets crazy. Including: (but not limited to)

Poodle (so creative)
Dora (the Explorer, I guess because her hair is essentially a triangle)
Gilda/Roseanne Rosannadanna (though the latter is used to imply it is EVEN WORSE...)

The first two were invented by my friends in an attempt to be funny. I put up with them, because it's a joke. The third has a bit of backstory:

My grandmother started calling me this when I was younger and at the time I was like "WUT?" So a little research on Wikipedia later I figured out that although this was a jab at how my hair gets Insane with a capital I, it ALSO linked me to someone completely awesome. So began my little obsession, one may call it.

Long story short: Much reading, "researching", and clip-watching later, I am PROUD to say I have anything in common with Gilda Radner. I haven't told many other people that, but heck, who's reading this?

Mainly because it's kind of embarrassing to admit you have a bit of an obession with someone who died before you were born. (6 years after her funeral exactly. Which is to say May 24th, 1995 for you non-triviaholics, and/or those without basic math skills. And yes, I just also admitted I'm 14. So?) But only mildly embarrassing. It actually impresses a select few people.

*If I had the computer skizzles/time to find a decent-looking picture of myself and upload it here next to a photo of Gilda, this is where it would go. But I don't. You'll have to trust me and visualize this in your head.*

ALSO! As I have been inspired by the wonderfully funny SparkleFarkle; (fellow... Gildaphile? No that sounded wrong... but you know what I mean. Although her case is more justified because she was actually ALIVE when Gilda was.) (also also: Link at the bottom. Follow!) I have decided to add a similar anonymous friendship-ish-related quote:

"Friendship is like peeing your pants; Everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth it brings."

I'll leave you with that lil' nugget of wisdom. :)


  1. Cool! Another Gilda Worshipper! Do you have a favorite character of hers, besides Roseanne Roseannadanna? Mine is Judy Miller!

  2. Hah. Mine too. I was almost exactly like that when I was like 5. It's just so innocent and so fun.