Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nervous Breakdown in 3...2...1...


Freaking out already, actually. I don't have to physcially ENTER the kelly green hellhole for approximately another 35 and half hours, but it's already entered my pyche...

Sure, Friday is only "freshman day", so that we're the ONLY grade in the entire school. That's still about... 650 people, plus teachers, and a handful of creepy, mustachioed janitors. I don't even HAVE FUCKING SCHOOL SUPPLIES!! There was NO LIST, as there has been in previous years. And even though I have some vague idea of what's needed, i.e: pens, notebooks, graph paper, pencils, all that stuff... I DON'T HAVE ANY OF IT. My mother's rationale is that I won't need anything for the 8 minute periods I'll have Friday, and that we'll buy all that crap over the weekend. My mom is a much more laid-back, tattoo getting sort of person. I freak out over EVERYTHING. I'm literally shaking right now, I'm sure a full-blown anxiety attack will ensue tomorrow. I should stop writing, it's only making it worse.

No funny picture today. Not even that would cheer me up.

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