Saturday, August 22, 2009

If I only had a BRAIN!

Whether or not I'm "officially" RSVP-ed for the OZ GALA SPECTACULAR! (more buttons today! Yay!)

Dangit... button isn't working... here's a link to a picture of the button. It's not the same... oh well. And, it seems most of the participants have something Oz related AND crafty. I'm not the crafty type, though I admire people who have the time, patience, and artistic ability to do such things.

I'm just going to settle for blogging about this fantastic movie. It's just perfect in every imaginable way. I loved it as a little kid, and I STILL do. It's timeless. Only in the very beginning, the black and white-- well, really sort of brownish and black and white-- part is it acknowledged that this movie came out in 1939! It's magical. The (very nearly entirely worn out) VHS is somewhere in a box in that closet thing under the stairs. I may go dig it out later. THAT is love. The closet under the stairs is the POINT OF NO RETURN.

I will now share a story about how WoO (yay for abbreviations. Oh, and acronyms that also serve as what you mean to say. WOO!) almost cost me my 1st grade social status:

Early in my first grade year, I had very nearly made a friend. Almost. There was one more question: "What movies do you like?" This was asked by the friend-in-training, (we basically were surveying each other to see what we had in common. This was when you COULD NOT be friends with someone you didn't have almost everything in common with.) So naturally I answered, "The Wizard of Oz" *duh* Don't ask me WHY, I'd seen it recently.


"Ugh, that's so cheesy."

WHAAAAAT? The best possibly ever and you say it's CHEESY? Well, duh, yes, to some extent. This movie was made some 60ish years ago. (then) I'm sorry they couldn't think up some non-"cheesy" modern plot/technology to amuse you. Your loss.

(I'm still friends with her, and she still stands by her opinion. But, this is coming from someone who puts ice cubes in soup because it's "too hot". Pffft.)

So, that's my non-crafty blog. Just a memory, a bit of nostalgia, and still quite possibly the best movie ever to exist.

Oh, and today is ALSO:

Yay! My six:

I have to go again tomorrow?
(Well, Monday. You get the point.)

As always, if you are unsatisfied with my six, the title is also six. (That ties with the Oz theme.) Pick one.

And noooooowww: Funny Picture At The End Of This Post (hereby known as FPATEOP, this is just too long to type out if I'm going to do this at the end of every post from now on!)

Where's Palin as Dorothy? Teehee. :D


  1. Multiple sixes, WoO and a pic making fun of Bushy? I approve! Thanks for playing 6WS.