Saturday, August 15, 2009

How much can six words say?

I've decided to try my hand/foot/skillz at Six word Saturdaying!

No idea how I'll manage to limit this to six words, as you should know by now I'm an endless chatterbox, so this is like an exercise in willpower for me. Oh, on with my six:

Good MORNING, look at the sun!

I chose this sentence because:

1. It really is BEAUTIFUL outside today.
2. I'm trying to generally be more positive for today at least... as opposed to my last post. *points down*
3. I'm watching the movie from which this is a quote, arguably my absolute favorite movie ever since I was 5, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory(!!! Seriously, this movie is THE BEST. I keep having to stop typing to turn around and watch. *pause for the spectacular flipping entrance* I KNOW the creepazoidal '05 version is closer to the book, but really? GENE WILDER PWNS.) and this happened to be in the background when I was thinking about my six words. Is it a cop-out to use a quote? Oh well, if you don't like it, the title of this post is also *convieniently* six words.

I really must be going now, so much time and so little to do...

Strike that. Reverse it.

(I'm really a quotaholic today, but it's just so darn quotable! That's part of what makes it great!)


  1. It's been gloomy here until the last 10 minutes. Now suddenly the sun is out and it's beautiful. Good timing - we were able to do outside work before the sun start scorching and now it can feel free to dry off the deck.

    Have a lovely weekend and thanks for playing!

  2. No sun here today. Intermittent sprinkles and breezy. Kind of a nice change. Love the hat pin on your blog. May have to doll up mine a bit! Have a great SWS!

  3. LOL nice try at only writing 6 words :)

  4. stopping in from 6-word Saturday; good attitude to begin the day with! hope it is continuing to be a good one for you and yours!


  5. Thanks! :)

    **I'm taking absolutely no credit for my shiny blog, the background fairy makes great premades. **pokes link**

  6. Love your blog and really enjoyed your profanity post.

    Gene Wilder gets my Wonka vote, too :-)

    I'm looking forward to your next 6 words!

  7. My daughter keeps watching the Johnny Depp version. Both were pretty good but I like Gene Wilder.