Thursday, August 13, 2009


I've never had blackcurrants, in jam form or anything else, but they really do NOT sound appetizing to me. I have no logical, logic-based reason why *edit: "Logical logic-based"???!! That's redundant.* *Edit #2: Yes, instead of editing that just change the sentence, I point it out and go Grammar Nazi on myself. Go figure* I don't like them. I know the old saying is, "Don't knock it til you try it." when it comes to food, but I'm NOT picky, really. I've never had the opportunity to eat blackcurrants, so I'm just judging on what the word itself sounds like. I tend to do that a lot. Like, would you ever want to eat something called "food", if you didn't know what it was? It doesn't SOUND pretty. Foooood. It brings to mind the word "goo" or "splooge".

Or maybe it's just me, and as we all have established by now, I'm nuts.

The blackcurrants.

Me. (I made it a point to find "Fancy mixed nuts" off of Google. If you're going to be nuts, do it with some class.

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