Friday, August 7, 2009

BEDA Ver. 2.0

The weather is being bipolar today.

Oh wait, it's un-PC to refer to anything being bipolar because it's offensive to those afflicted. Like in the same way I can't call myself a spazz. The term is "athletically challenged". Sounds better, but it still means SPAZZY McDJ SPAZZ. Queen of the Spazzes. Seriously, I flinch if a ping-pong ball comes at me. And that's the only "sport" I'm GOOD at. Being also "vertically challenged" pretty much kills my chance at any other sport. But hey, they show spelling bees and Scrabble tournaments on ESPN. That means they're sports. AND there's a video game for everything now. Those that mock sports, music and dancing ability... and I'm terrible at all of them. However, I'm addicted to Tetris. It's awesome. I'm good at it, and it requires minimal skill. Just the little bit of hand-eye coordination I possess.

That's right, my video game IQ ends circa 1989. Yay.

(I'm not bitter towards the sportively gifted, it's an admirable trait actually. I just prefer to watch it on TV. Where the ball is far, faaaarrr away and contained in the MAGIC BOX.)

In a continuing effort to be inoffensive, censored and PC, should I edit the word "plague" out of my last post? *think think think* Nope, not going to. If you're offended by that statement just get out of my thoughts and stop reading right now.

Anyone left? Was there anyone to begin with? Anyway, it's COLD and RAINING on AUGUST SEVENTH. What is wrong with this picture?


Seems normal to me. But this is beside the point. RAIN in AUGUST is WRONG. Period. Okay, maybe not rain if it only rains in the morning and then it gets crazy hot and humid and the humidity makes my hair explode, but THIS type of rain is nuts. It is currently 69 degrees (Fahrenheit, of course.) and cloudy and raining. Blah.

BUT, one of the advantages of being a vampire contained in this windowless basement hunched over this computer is that I have been blissfully unaware of this. So if I stay down here I can just pretend the weather is beautiful and sunny and hot today.

I just realized I don't label my posts. I could use this opportunity to say something witty and claim this was a statement, because labels shouldn't exist outside of an 80s high school movie, *side note: RIP JOHN HUGHES!!!* or something of that nature. Or even that labels remind me of tags, and like on a pair of comfy pajamas, the tags are cut off because they itch like crazy.

Pick whichever one you like, but the truth is that I either forget about them or am being lazy by the time I finish typing.

I've been aware that my posts are virtually segue less, but this my train of thought. Utterly unrelated nonsense. *points to title of blog* See? I've warned you.

This is also the second month in which BEDA applies. The first of course being Blog Every Day in April, started by MAUREEN JOHNSON, *link to blog at the bottom* which is precisely WHY I started blogging in the first place. So really, this would simply would not exist without Maureen's SHEER GENIUS project. Thank her. You don't like this blog? Blame her. But I digress...

Since BEDA also stand for Blog Every Day in August, this is what I will strive to do. I KNOW I've missed a few days, but now I'm making it official. But don't expect this to continue to September, partially because BEDS is REAL WORD and I dislike real word acronyms. They're misleading. "I'm going to do BEDS." Out of context that sounds a bit... odd. But more partially because by that time I'll have STUFF to do. So by then I may only blog once a week or so, or when I actually have thoughts of interest (I think) to the outermost reaches of the cyber world.

Until... well, until tomorrow,


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