Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I've caught the MEME.

Hopping around Google today I have come across a meme-- in other words, I am BORED out of own skull and decided following a variation of an Internet trend is the way to fix this.

~~~The ABC's of MY **faaabulous** life~~~

***WARNING***: You should know these things spread like the plague, read no further should you not wish to catch the dreaded MEME!

Accent-- Midwest-ish, I suppose. It's impossible to hear accents where you're the one who *has* the so-called accent. But it's where I'm from, so I must've caught it some time ago...

Booze of choice-- None... I'mma gud girl, yus I iz. (Though I did have a sip or two of a vodka pink lemonade when I was an infant, mostly because I had a fascination with straws... I was a weeeiiirdddd child...)

Chore I hate-- This is going to sound strange but DUSTING! Ick ick ick ick ICK.

Dog or Cat-- DOGS, 'course. They're so much cuter/loyal/lovable/non-cat-ish/*insert adjective of choice here* They're just BETTER, okay?

Essential Electronics-- TV, computer, microwave.

Favorite perfume/cologne-- Most gross me out but anything citrus-scented is good.

Gold or Silver-- Gold is the color of *winners!* RAWR.

Hometown-- Chicagoland suburbia.

Insomnia-- Only occasional.

Job Title-- crazy-nerdy-silly-borderline-OCD-blogger-student-professional-kangaroo-trainer-to-the-stars-over-hyphenate-user-overall-PERSON.

Kids-- None, but *only* because I don't want to end up on Dr. Phil... ;)

Living Arrangment-- The dark, wood-paneled, artificially lit basement in which this computer is placed... I'm a vampire. :K See my faaaannnggggs?

Most Admired Trait-- Honesty

Number of Sexual Partners-- *see K*

Overnight Hospital Stays-- Quite a few when I was a baby, but none I can remember...

Phobia-- More than I would like to admit.

Quote-- Favorites change weekly

Religion-- For technical, non-drawn out answer; Christian

Siblings-- 1 brother, zillions of imaginary siblings... >.>

Time I wake up-- Varies, all I can say is I am NOT pleasant in the morning... anyone who claims to be a "morning prson" is probably from the future, where sleep is obsolete anyway.

Unusual talent/skill-- Ability to move my eyes one at a time. Probably screws up my vision even more, but it's the best I can think of, and it adds to the authenticity of my Cookie Monster imitation.

Vegetable I refuse to eat-- MUSHROOMS! Blaghhh. >:P

Worst Habit-- Twirling or chewing my hair, but only if I'm like verge-of-nervous-breakdown panicked.

X-rays-- Probably more when I was younger, 2 in recent memory.

Yummy foods I make-- You make me laugh, you silly meme you. Oh, you're serious? Anything that can be microwaved, or cinnamon toast with peanut butter. (and on *special* occasions mini chocolate chips... MMMMMmmmm...)

Zodiac sign-- Gemini. (and I live up to it, trust me...)

*~*~*<3*** This is the part where I would say if you read the entire thing you are thus TAGGED and forced to do this, but since I'm feeling niiice today and I wish to stop the spread of the meme-plague, this is optional *~*~*<3***

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