Monday, August 24, 2009

Faily Faily Fail Boat

Blehrg, so I haven't been blogging as much. The first day of high school officially was today, and so far it's fine, I'm really not freaking out as much, but I can truly say I hate the adminitration there. Not the teachers, in the stereotypical "Fuck authority" way, but I could probably run that school more effectively. It's SO disorganized it's not funny. There are 2,700 students or something like that, and they can't even change ONE thing on my ID. These things should not be that difficult. I understand all of them are very busy, but that does not mean they can be rude. They can at the very least listen. Remember the SIX PILARS OF CHARACTER? Yeah, it's right there, in your little "mission statement". Included in these six (realtivey simple) values to follow are RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY. If you want all the students here to comply with those, do so yourself. Be a role model.

*end rant mode*

Alrighty, so this blog has consisted more of FAIL than actual blog, but I'm trying. Things are hectic right now. I haven't even checked my reading list in a while, so I'm going on a bit of a commenting spree on all of the (completely awesome) blogs I follow. *read 'em read 'em read 'em! linky on the side.*

I'm currently playing with one of those art gum erasers I had to get a few years ago, when art was a mandatory 6-week class. (At least now it's not. YAY!) I think I used it twice, but now it's fun to pull and stretch and twist and whatnot. Just saw a commercial for Nutella and it looks REALLY GOOD. I know it's more a European thing, I guess now they've realized that Americans love chocolate-nutty spread as much as they do.


I leave you with this:

This is why I hope they figure out some way to fix oldness before I get there.

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