Monday, August 10, 2009

'Cuz the fortune cookie sez so...

"You are careful and systematic in all your business arrangements."

Business arrangements? What business arrangements? Oh well, it's nice to know anyway...

Fortune cookies don't really tell fortunes most of the time, that one was mostly just a statement. A statement I can't even tell is true. Does a slip of paper know more about me than I do myself? Or am I just too trusting of said slip of paper? Does believing this make me superstitious? Why am I asking so many questions? Are my questions worthy of answers? Who's going to answer me? Can I answer my own questions?

At least I know the answer to that last one.

When fortune cookies aren't making unverifiable statements about me, they really tend to give good advice:

HOPEfully this image won't be all huge. Forgive my lack of HTML skillz.

That's all for now. Save and contemplate those little slips of paper, savor the cookies, do as Confucius say and SMILE. You'll feel better. If not after smiling, at least you got a cookie.

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