Monday, August 3, 2009

A Bit of an Introduction...

Or: What I Have Done.

Ok, I don't really expect people to read this, but I just feel like I have a LOT to say. Maybe this will eventually gain momentum. All great projects have to start somewhere, right?

What's really going to bum me out for the first week or so (or month or so) is that nobody will be commenting on my blog. I like comments and feedback, especially when it's positive. It's nice to have some record of people reading this. You could be reading this right now, and I might not ever know it. Even if you don't have a notEworthy, (dang typos. yay for spellcheck, which today I have foolishly not used, for whatever reason) or even positive comment, I'd like to know you read this. So if I may ask something of you, leave a comment if you read this. Even just "hi" or something. Please?

Ok, enough of my begging.

How did this blog begin? (or how IS it beginning, seeing as I am still typing this)
Answer: On a whim, like most good things.

But WHY, you may ask yourself, make yourself balance TWO entire blogs? Are you not satisfied by your OTHER great group blog, Raving Persuasions? *link at the bottom. go there*
Answer: Like I said, I have a LOT of things to say, most of which has nothing to do with Alex and Vita's parts of that blog. (Although I WILL keep blogging there, that's for sure.) And I think it would be a bit rude to just go off on a completely different tangent with my rambling within an otherwise well-structured blog. So this is the space in which I can just ramble. But hopefully SOMEONE will find this intresting. Are YOU that someone???

Even if no one does, I vow to stick with this. That's a good thing about having an uninteresting blog. It forces you to keep going even without the constant praise from others. (but, as I also said earlier, it's nice. =) )

But enough about that!

Usually I'll blog here either Wednesdays or Sundays, maybe Thursday. Or Monday, or a quick rant Saturday. You just never know. (Or even, if I'm feeling very talkish, TWO posts in ONE day! Wow! It's like a little bonus just for reading this far. Now you know that. I suppose I could just edit-in the other things I want to say, but I'll probably forget about that handy lil' feature and make another post.)

Thanks! *this being my first blog here, I feel the need to thank you. Probably unesscessary, but who doesn't like to be thanked? It's polite.*


  1. HI! Better late than never, eh? I put it in reverse, after reading your second blog. I figured, hey, first blogs need comments, too, right? Welcome to the neighborhood, Rena!

  2. Its a little late but I am glad that I found you! I love comments too and when I find a blog I love I just gotta let them know!