Monday, February 15, 2010

Sounds Like...

Okay, rest of the weekend was good, and today is President's Day (another whole day to procrastinate, yay!) but the highlight was definitely yesterday, wherein I discovered the hilarity of "Guesstures"* Following guesses/conversation: (All shouted on top of each other, but this what I made out. Actions not asterisked... become apparent. Made more awkward by the fact that all members playing were over 60, or me.)

"Why the hell would that be on one of the cards?"
"Ear fetish? Fetish?"
"Sounds like, idiot."
"Ummm, duck puck pluck chuck suck buck cluck..."
*general w00t-ness*
"...WHY did you not just act like a chicken?!"
"Because then you would have SAID chicken."

(and yes, even though it was very likely not a card, I wanted an excuse to shout "INTERCOURSE!" and have it be relevant... I have no idea if this is funny to read, but consider it an example of the level of insanity achieved when more than 3 members of my family join at a time....)

*I suck at the acting out part, being basically charades but faster (That's what it looks like when *I* serve in badminton... :P) but stuff like this happens. I suppose this counts as a product review or some crap, so no I wasn't paid and blah blah blah.)

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