Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Prevail of My Social Life? You Decide!

Wow, no blog for over a week! Besides snow and school (don't know which you'd rather hear less about...) not much is going on, except that I hate all this fricking snow and am glad it's melting, and that school has been insane with an abundance of HARD and DO NOT UNDERSTAND and even more than usual PROCRASTINATION. So, am glad this is coming to an end. Why the lack of pronouns? Because, that's why. Plus I felt like I should blog since that last post was up there for a long time. Awkward.... (I can judge the general awkwardness of a blog based on the amount of comments it gets. Quite a few of them like that, but whatever.)

Actually, today/the forthcoming Friday & weekend is starting to look up a bit, if only because I have less school-related crap to do and more social-related crap. (for once)

Things To Do in the Near Future:
Finish (TWO) essays.
Eat (I'm hungry right now, as evidenced by the placement on this list)
Post blog (how near is "near", anyway?)
Eat CAKE. (my aunt's birthday. 60th, hah. Having a bit of fun pointing this out. ;))
(Can you tell I'm hungry and/or stretching a point here, what with all the unnecessary parenthesis?)
Watch a musical (School, but certainly more entertaining than the essays, I know people in it, and it looks fun. Wikipedia tells me that audience members with unusual names and no acting experience are chosen for some kind of participation...? And juice boxes are given. That's definitely what I'm signing up for. Sounds pretty much like me. **BONUS POINTS if the know the musical I'm describing, thanks Wikipedia!**)
Eat some of those Necco hearts (which do indeed taste like shitty chalk, but this is beside the point.)
Turn on a lamp (even though it's NOT dark yet! Woot! It's also just sunrise when I haul myself to the bus in the mornings now, too. Freezing cold, dead tired, and with some inevitable studying to do on the bus, but this makes me smile.)
End this uninteresting list with some kind of interestingness....


--Armadillos **proof of the wonder of proofreading: I had originally typed "Lepers" here, and typed the rest of the paragraph without noticing it.** are the only animals besides humans that can contract leprosy. (Do people still GET leprosy? How did we give it to the armadillos? Did they give it to us? Was it like an STD? Is THAT how leprosy is spread? Who the heck would want to have sex with a leper? Isn't that visually apparent, with general zombie lookingness? Is there a cure for it now, like the plague? It seems so old. Biblically so, even. I felt an armadillo when I was 3 and thought it was the coolest thing EVAR.)


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