Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Soapbox-Sadie Six Words

It's 6WS! So, my six words:

Good judgement: proofreading posts while calm.

The explanation for this is I wrote a particularly long and curse laden and incoherent blog post ranting on about people who underestimate/mislabel kids with autism. (or who are just generally twits whom I don't like anyway, but whose chronic verbal vomiting on this subject gives justifiable proof to this opinion...) Which I suppose is my "cause" if I had to pick one other than the universal type ones (E.g world peace and the environment and so on). Which I think is understandable because my brother has autism, so it affects me and the people I care about, moreso than like, being an amputee does. I don't know any amputees, even though there are probably charities for them and it kind of sucks (being an amputee, not having charities... God, why am I even using this as an example?). I'm strongly against the likes of Jenny McCarthy and the people that treat autism like it is WRONG and should be CURED, like it's that black and white. (And here's where it gets into the rant-y points about conformity and the things that are wrong with society in its treatment of disabled individuals and other cliches, so I'm stopping. I feel that way, yes, but I can't say it in an interesting and eloquent enough manner to allow myself to let the Internet see it.)

Okay, original point round-up time: I'm spectacularly glad I proofread for once.


THIS: When even blatant Photoshoppery can't detract from the awesomeness.


  1. Just dropping in from 6WS! In my experience, people tend to rant in an uneducated fashion whenever you give them a chance. If this is your cause, stick to your guns; folks with autism need smart vocal advocates, that's for sure. :-)
    p.s. I find the white text here a little hard to read... the colours on the sidebar (blue, green, purple) are much easier. Just a thought!

  2. (This is me attempting to not to step on any toes since I don't know very much about autism at all and I don't want to be an insensitive jerkface)

    1) Do you think that autism is a medical condition?

    1) If so, would you agree with research to try and find the cause of autism in the hopes that it could one day be prevented? I know you said that Jenny McCarthy is incorrect, but it seems like HER argument is that there is a way for people with autism to become not-autistic, whereas other people may simply argue that it could be prevented (but not that it's reversible).

  3. Jay3fer: I've changed it around a little, I thought so too.

    Vita: Well yes. Ideally autism would just not exist, and hopefully one day that will be possible through research. But, for people currently affected by autism, I think that it's not reversible and it shouldn't HAVE to be reversed, but good luck to people who try. Plus I personally see Jenny McCarthy is a bit of a publicity whore. (You're not a jerkface. :))