Thursday, April 1, 2010

April (Month) and Fool (Me)

Well hello, cyberspace. Happy April Fool's Day.

. . .

I was going to turn this post into some kind of trick, as per the goal of the holiday states, but I am in no mood or mental capacity to do so. I feel like death in a can. It's a beautiful day outside.

Why I chose "in a can" as an intensifier I have not a clue. I Googled it to see if it was some kind of expression or something, but most of the results claim that either Red Bull or processed food is the above mentioned--it's not a more eloquent synonym for "OMFG *drool* *spazz* *headsmack* *die*" as I had hoped. Bleagh. In other news: today is the first day of Script Frenzy. (like Nanowrimo for scriptwriting. We'll see if my failure at novelwriting is any indication of the results of this...) Which I will foolishly be attempting. Which means I may not blog as much in April. I have a few drafts of posts I may finish just to give this blog an air of consistency, but otherwise, see you in May.


Just in time for Easter! LULZ! :-D

(I get it, not funny. . . April Fools. Yes! I got at least one in before I die a whiny and flu-related death. In a can.)

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