Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring, pre-Sprung

I know I'm probably jumping to conclusions but:


(cue angelic choir and adorable baby animals and overuse of pastels and such)

Seriously. It is:
41 degrees
Sunny (ALL of today)
Still light out

Excuse me while I go skip through a meadow while I can, because by Monday it'll probably snow. :P Here's where the equivalent of blog smalltalk would go, some obligatory statement about "Chicago weather" that everyone's already heard, so I present a summary:

If you don't like Chicago weather you either:
a.) Live here and love to complain.
b.) Live somewhere else and are glad you don't live here.

(Actually, by pointing out the obligatorily cliched remark, and wasting space in this blog to ramble on about it, it should be clear by now I have little else worth blogging about...)

School has turned into arts-n-crafts hour, (in between units or something until the end of the quarter, w00t.) really:
-- Testing the velocity and acceleration of paper airplanes.
(Actual activity: Throwing them. That is all. Also on occasion, aiming to get them lodged in the skeleton's eye. No idea why there's a skeleton in an Earth Science/Physics classroom, but it's a good target apparently.)

-- Preparing an "interactive story-hour" for preschoolers. *hypothetical preschoolers, meaning the age group. We're also going to be the ones watching the storyhour and being read to.*
(Actual activity: Building puppets. This means glue, crayons, feathers, googly eyes, glitter, the whole lot. And IT. IS. FUN. Even better when the substitute let us abandon the puppets and just color. Coloring is fun. :D Also, after the presentations we're going to watch Charlotte's Web to kill a few more days with a substitute. No idea why we have a sub so much, but it's awesome. The animated version pwns.)

--Learning this song. Click if you dare, it gets stuck in your head forever. CURSE YOU MEXICAN WIGGLES! Catchy, if designed for the listening pleasure of 5 year olds...

-- Even though it's academic, I'm enjoying Cry Freedom, because it's a movie, and all the white South Africans have gloriously British-y accents. Mmmm.


(Because the extra "on" was completely necessary...)

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