Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Explanation Comes First (A 6WS)

I've been contemplating which direction I could (or should) take these proceeding 6 words in this week. I could just minimize a statement on how I'm really grateful to not have a virus everyone else in my household has, regardless of having to go to school. (because even *I* have limits as to when being sick sucks...) Or maximize a statement on how cold it is right now. Something ludicrous, or thoughtful. Hmm.

Going back through my previous 6WSes, I have a tendency NOT to be thoughtful at all. Topics have ranged from: Christmas, Milanos, band names, the last week in review, my restraint from swearing, breakfast, being last. Mostly I just think of something off the top of my head, because I feel like I shouldn't be wasting people's time with a whole bunch of rambling before I get to the Six Words part. So it usually turns out sounding at least a bit vapid. Not to say that even the thoughts on the bottom of my head (...? What's the opposite of that expression? Oh, this doesn't prove my point, now does it?) are vapid. I hope not.

Actually, the whole premise (of the book anyway) is to describe your ENTIRE LIFE in six words. This requires thought, and the ability to be concise. And presumably to have an interesting life. The latter two I'm still working on. Still alive and looking for my own endings. (Wait, that sounded vaguely suicidal...) Yes, as a plural. Endings to some things that I'm still probably in the middle of that are far off and out of mind, the happy ending everyone (I'm generalizing?) works towards. Endings that lead to beginnings, oh dear god that's so cliche. Not going to edit it now. It's some kind of continuum. A loop of sorts.

In conclusion, there are no conclusions.

(I was going to put that as my last sentence and then leave the six words as something like "I like puppies. They are shiny.", for the sake of irony. But I think that was more fitting, don't you?)

(But I do like puppies. :D)

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  1. Hahaha, this cracked me up. Yay puppies! But your six words about conclusions are good words - my six words rarely sum up my ENTIRE LIFE - but more a general feeling from the prior week or something I'm working on for the next week.

    Thanks for playing. Puppies!!!