Monday, May 31, 2010

Things I Should Do, Preferably Soon

1. Publish some blogs, I have a dozen drafts of posts that never wound up getting published even though they contain points I'd like to blog about eventually, so I should devote some time to editing them/lengthening them. Eventually.

2. Clean my closet. Much like with the first one, I've started a few times but never finished. I operate around this under the Mantra Of True Lazy Slobs: "As soon as I finish, it'll get disorganized again, so what's the point?" Oh, look. A *random noun at the end of this set of asterisks that is implied as being in my line of sight and has thus distracted me, proving to the Internet via the *action stars* how easily distractible I am. I may or may not be exaggerating my distractibility level, but you'll never know if you're just reading this, now will you? Fantastic, my asterisk-actions have gone all meta again, this is turning into insane babbling, yet I've suckered you into reading it. You really shouldn't have started. In fact, go back to the beginning of this tangent and just don't read it at all. You have my permission.*

3. Wow, I realize how damn vague the title of this is, so I could list hundreds of goals such as "Remember to blink occasionally when staring at computer screen" "Eat" "Uncross legs because left foot is currently falling asleep" et cetera... "soon" is too subjective. I suppose I mean "hopefully in the course of the next week but probably extended to the entire summer".

Aaaaand this is a wonderful demonstration of why I cannot set goals. I find a way around my own goals. I want to accomplish them but I don't. This may be my subconscious differentiating the really important goals from the ones I just *think* I want/have to do, or my subconscious is a lazy asshole. I'm going with the latter.

I'm entirely aware of a.) how whiny and pointless this is, b.) how sadly ironic it would be if I drafted this and never posted it. So, I am c.) totally ignoring a.) in favor of eliminating b.) and accomplishing point 1.

I've barely edited this. . . think of it as a raw glimpse into my scatterbrained mind. Aren't you glad you don't have to live here? :D


I kind of want to be an elderly Austrian man just so that I could do this to my facial hair.

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