Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer! (Or, Cake at a Funeral)




Eff Yeah.

What I'm Probably Going to Do All Summer:

Sleep during unreasonable hours.
Eat food with no regard for time-appropriacy. (Croutons and ranch dressing for breakfast!)
Watch movies. (This part doesn't have anything to do with summer, just gives me more time to devote to it.) Memorize them, possibly. (This, of course, is summer-centric. Boredom and juuuust the right amount of OCD, a quotes/trivia addiction, heat and the time in which to do this? I will.)
Read. (Again, for fun. With more time. There's also some school-required summer reading, which leads me to my next point: . . .)

In Which My Plan Actually Works

What's been keeping me from reading Pride and Prejudice for a while has been the following logic: "We're going to be forced to read that at some point. It's so school-y, yet it sounds awesome. Who is this Darcy fellow, and why does he inspire such literary lusting? Might as well wait it out and be surprised then."

Oh, lookie. Two birds flying parallel to each other. I have a stone. Guess how many of the metaphorical birds end this tale dead? Two.

I win.

The Social Acceptableness of Mixing Sad Occasions with Cake

Think about it. Your loved one has just died (hypothetically). Which do you want more right now, to wallow in your own misery, or eat cake? I'd choose cake. (I've been to 3 funerals in my life. Actually, one was a memorial service. And the other was a wake. And the real one was when I was six. None for anyone particularly close to me, either. What do I know?) And yet no one has combined the two. Or have they? *Googles* Alright so they have. It's an Amish thing though. The dead person's relatives were given food (including sometimes cake, which they had their own recipe for, like everything Amish) by their friends/neighborhood/Amish community so they didn't have to cook in their time of mourning. How sweet. But that's not what I'm talking about. Say someone dies. Their immediate family is presumably pretty damn depressed. Make them a cake. Not a sympathy cake, don't frost words onto it, that's cheesy. Their favorite flavor of cake, just give it to them to do with whatever they want. Cake makes people happy. Or at least is a comforting type of food, don't you think?

An unrelated video about Hitler being a painter that segues into cake/death. Maybe this is why I love Eddie Izzard. Our segueing technique is similar. And he is British. And unexplainably attractive.

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