Friday, June 11, 2010


List! (Single! Word! Exclamations!)

--In "Eenie Meenie Miney Mo", is it "eenie *point* meenie *point*" or "ee *point* nie *point*"?

--Did Greg (y'know... the yellow Wiggle) die of lupus or something?

--Is there a job that entails only the naming of colors of paint, or does that fall to the person who created the color?

--What's the best way to move (and extract coins from) a 35 year old gigantic glass jug?

--Why is it so bleeding hot?

--Did I seriously just use the word bleeding to describe something other than a wound? Yes.

--Why do the British have better curses(/interjections/whatever)? I could have used "freaking" in the same context with the same meaning, why does "bleeding" sound better? I pick up these phrases when I watch British television, particularly late at night, actually, and a lot from my mother. Accents. For no reason. It's how we roll. Moreso in mock-shouty situations.

--Why, come summer, do I have as much motivation and energy as an impregnated gnu?

--Did I seriously just use "impregnated gnu" as a descriptor? Yes.

--Why, when there are 3 coins in my presence, must I arrange them into a Mickey Mouse shape? I hadn't even noticed this until I stared at my desk in impregnated gnu-state for 5 minutes.

--Do these questions even really matter to people other than me who may have been under the unfortunate assumption that the questions mentioned in the title would be somewhat intelligent and thus chose to waste time reading this?

--Will any of the non-rhetorical questions in this list be answered? (*Googles*... Nope, Greg's alive. Yaaay. There's one.)

--Should I stop now? Yes.


  1. wow now the eenie meanie one is bugging me! I use British words to talk with lol

  2. Eenie *point* meenie *point* etc etc, I think. The other way seems to take more brainpower than I had as a small child.

  3. lol i love these questions!! and i'm so with you...the british totally have better curse words. i would LOVE to start saying bloody, or bugger!! maybe i will anyway...just for the heck of it.